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Welcome to Asttarte Deva Healing

We are a Holistic Healing Online Portal for your Wellness, Spiritual & Mind Body needs. Asttarte has been offering her Healing Services since 2001 and can help you in whatever you are dealing with today. You start where you are, not where your practitioner is.

Whether you are new to the Spiritual path, you've been on the path for a while, you are a Teacher or a Practitioner yourself, Asttarte and her Team can help you. 

Asttarte offers Coaching and Healing packages, zoom classes, and private meetings for those looking to enhance their mental, emotional and spiritual selves, and improve their lives, health, inner self and relationships to the deepest parts within. 

It took many years for Asttarte to learn, grow and heal herself, and she offers tools that helped her along her way. Because of this, she developed several healing modalities herself, and is an avid writer and teacher. She is excited about helping those who wish to learn to become spiritually awakened, enlightened, healthy and whole.

This is a practice that provides Holistic Healing, Meditation, Spiritual Training, Transformational Life Coaching, Spiritual Psychotherapy and Emotional Healing, Reiki Energy Healing, Massage, sometimes Tantra and Yoga.

We also host: Spiritual Shamanic Meditation Weekend Retreats. For information, please ask! 

Asttarte's Healing Center planted its seeds in the early 90s in Alternative Healing and Meditation. Now, we offer a full spectrum of the Holistic Arts and a journey to awakening your soul and igniting the love in your heart. We are a Holistic Center to advance yourself and begin or continue your journey of personal development. 

Every person needs something completely different. Here you will find the tools and modalities necessary to help you with your personal goals for growth, expansion, healing, relaxation and self love. The Sessions help to surrender to exactly what you need. Every session has an unfolding process where one unique practice leads into another. The purpose of this work is for healing and personal growth. 


~ Asttarte Deva 

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I went to see Asttarte, to heal my heart with a male friend. I not only healed my heart, but healed my inner child! When I tried to accomplish this with another therapist, something was missing. 

The work with Asttarte was like combining hypnosis, and two weeks in treatment all in one. I felt safe, understood, accepted and loved. I left feeling that "I matter!" Thank you Asttarte!

Heather, WC, PA

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In the three phone sessions I did with Asttarte, we covered everything from relationships, to meditation, to breathing exercises. She is like the Swiss army knife of therapists. Whatever it is you are needing in your life, she has the tools in her tool box to help you move foward.
    Asttarte practices her healing art at a very high level, so there is no dilly-dallying, if you are commited to growing the Life and Love you desire.
    I urge everyone considering this letter:
Don't miss out on Life!
Don't miss out on Love!
Don't miss out on Asttarte Deva!

    Asttarte is a creature of Love and she will be the catalyst to change your Life!

Best wishes in your journey!

Mike Richter, Spokane, WA

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Asttarte's Soul Journeys

Listen to Spiritual discussions, Healing Meditations and conversations on healing modalities, spiritual readings, couples issues - facing your shadow and hidden self, sexual struggles, intimacy, and love. 

About Asttarte

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Asttarte has been a Writer, Singer and Dancer most of her life. In her Sessions, she may also offer Writing exercises (or homework), toning or singing and dance or movement to help move stuck energy. Session are always Somatic, (a form of Tantra) and will be intuitively guided and Shamanically transformed. Whatever you need in the moment is available to you.

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