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Somatic Stress Release Therapy

Healing Stress and Trauma in the Body!

Bringing voice to what has been silenced.

and movement to what has become stagnant.

and ease to what has been stressful

Expanding, Enlivening, Enriching, feeling peace, Bliss in the body and love for self again!



Gentle Energy Work, Meditation, Coaching & Inner Dialogue Processes, Bodywork and Movement for your whole self!


Somatic Stress Release Therapy helps with healing to release, stress, anxiety, trauma, pain and more. 


Techniques like Titration, Pendulation, Resourcing, Grounding, Boundary Restoration, working with stress responses, and the Stress Response Cycle, Internal Dialogues, Activations, Real or imagined threats, Mobilizations, and more!


This is a Journey of Discovery!


We may go into areas of your body that are stuck, stagnant and repressed and filled with emotional and psychic energy. We may work with the breath, energy flows, acupressure and visualizations to help assist in releasing these stuck energies. 


We may do guided movement, sounds, singing, or verbal emotional releases, or intuitive energy flows to unravel blocked energies. 


We may work on helping you feel safe and protected! 


Here is your chance to release what you have been holding onto. Here is a chance to find peace where there has been stress. We will give voice to what is repressed and hidden and watch it disappear into the ethers. Bye bye stress and hello ease! 


Asttarte combines a lot of her old intuitive healing skills with her new skills in Somatic Stress Release Therapy in this practice. It's unlike anything she's done before and she will offer you a chance to feel at home in your body again! 


Send a message here on my mobile app for more information! Or click contact from this site!



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