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Please see the form below. You will be supplied with a copy when you arrive.

Thank You
~Asttarte Deva & Center for Healing Arts


Before we start our session, please read this brief and informative document. All policies need to be understood and agreed upon prior to service.

Policies and Procedures

All fees are due at the time services are rendered.  If you scheduled a 2 hour Session, you will be expected to pay for the time you scheduled for. If you are late, and you did not call before your time due for your appointment, you are still expected to pay for the time you missed.

Services you will receive will be Life Coaching, Meditation, Spiritual Healing, and any Training you requested prior to your arrival, or hands on work we decide upon during our initial conversation. If you are unclear about all the services Asttarte offers, please call or send an email so you have more understanding for your next session in the future.

This is not a cure all. You still have to follow up with your doctor, and follow the Coaching you are given during the Session. If you do not follow the Coaching, do not expect to receive any results.

Please Note: If you behave inappropriately at any point during a Session, you may be forced to leave.

Cancellation Policy
All cancellations must give at least 24 hours notice, or you will be billed a $50 cancellation fee. This ensures you to schedule another appointment in the future.
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