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Womans Womb and Emotions

What lays hidden inside a Woman’s Womb are many hidden secrets to her soul, her childhood, her deepest pains with her parents, and what she longs for as a woman. A Woman’s Womb is her passion and her greatest fears! Many women who have forced themselves to make love to their lovers, their husband and be ready for action trap their feelings of fear and control themselves so they can receive what they think is love, but that actually shows up as sex. My Beloved and I like to call this “women who live from their yoni’s and not from their hearts”, as we are writing a book together on the heart and intimacy.

When a woman leads from her yoni, her sex center, she is looking for power and control and comes across to others as highly sexual, perhaps neurotic, compulsive or seductive. If she does not come across as seductive, she may feel sexually frustrated all the time, or angry if she does not get her sexual needs met. She may radiate an aura of anger or aggression and others avoid her or keep distance because of this energy she puts off. She may think getting those needs met will fulfill her, and make her happy, satisfied, content, but actually its a temporary need that comes and goes with the wind.

Many women have onions of layers of armor in their wombs, and to get to the core of their deepest feelings, vulnerabilities, or connection to the heart takes a brave woman willing to go deep into her womb. Women who have stuffed their anger, also have stuffed energy in their womb. This usually results in impulsiveness and impatience with their partner, or perhaps one night stands, or rushing into intimacy with a new person she is dating much too quickly.

To get to the layers of her stuffed emotion in her womb, often a nice meditation or energy work is important to get to the outside layer, and then after going into the physical body is what is needed. Sometimes acupressure on and around the womb is helpful, and sometimes palming on the outside from her beloved; a deep firm pressure of his palm on her womb and surrounding areas.

If he cannot use all of his strength, the woman can use her body to push into his palm. And sometimes perhaps a nice smooth large crystal is helpful. The emotions may come up immediately or they may take some time before they come out. There is a huge layer of armor that is usually crystallized around her body that one must get through, and often her impatience of tending to these crystals can take over, and her desire of pleasure may then resurface again. If she cannot wait to get to the emotion without the pleasure, you may give her that reward. However, the real work is when she can cry out the pain inside her.


A technique that is helpful also is to sit or lay down on your back, and breath in as you tilt your pelvis back, and exhale as you tilt your pelvis forward with a sound. Repeating this technique for at least 15 minutes to a half an hour to help move the stuck energy in your root and second chakra and be on your way back to harmony!

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