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The Healy Frequency Healing Device & Breathwork

Updated: May 10

The Healy Frequency Healing Device & Breathwork

One of the most popular frequency devices that are available out on the market now, is a device called the Healy. I stumbled upon this device after a fluke accident and exposure to someone who had been vaccinated and caused my body to get sick. Not only did I gain tons of knowledge with how to detox the body from heavy metals, but I later discovered this precious little device did all sorts of other magical things. It has the ability to run a scan on someone in person and remotely.

One of my dearest girlfriends that lives down south was having issues with her daughter. Her daughter had some kind of rash all over her body, and she ahd tried every possible remedy she could think of to help her, including bentonite clay, zeolites, ivermectin topicals, castor oil and soke of her own frequency tools like tuning forks, high vibrational Solfegggio music and more. We had been doing remote energy healing sessions with a group of her friends with prayer and reiki, so I thought she wuld be open to this idea. I proposed sending her daughter remote healing with the Healy.

I added her daughters profile to the device, and did her first scan of what would help her the most. Some frequency programs ppped up for stress and emotinal calm and some crystal healing. After her first treatment she said she went to sleep for a couple hours. I continued to run scans for her for a couple days, and it showed different programs that would support her. She relayed back that after one day the rash immediately started shrinking and the redness lessened. Another day later she reported back more improvement. And on the third day she said her rash was gone. I didnt believe her so I asked her to send photos. I could see the difference from before we started to the third day and the redness and rash was almost hard to see. Her fear about her daughters rash and how to take caree of her was gone and she was truly grateful.

Later I decided to try to use the Healy on my own son, who had been distant, unwilling to talk to me (teenage years), and didnt even want to spend time with me. He has been dealing with his own grief of his step dad and having his own challenges with his death. So I decided to try it on him. Now he's a little bit older than my girlfriends daughter, so there was a bit more armor to get under and unravel. However, after about a month I noticed a huge shift. He still had his anger, although thats just a part of his persnality. He expresses it and it leaves quickly. But the big difference is that he was willing to talk to me, and confide in me about what he was dealing with, how he was feeling and the stress he was having. We then started having dinners again regulalry, and he didnt keep his door locked at all times and stay hidden anymore. He came out, he was social, talking to his friends all the time, and has made many more friends since then. Its been about 3 months since I started this with him and his social life is blossoming, and although he's still in grief, he's much happier and I see a lightness starting to return.

The Healy is a powerful tool for vibrational healing and is great for emotional balancing, spiritual cleansing as well and physical healing. I continued using it for more friends after this and will share more later.

The added tool of using The Healy Frequency Healing Device & Breathwork for emotional healing, spiritual cleansing and physical health is so powerful and supportive. Breathwork is excellent for most issues and just makes one feel amazing! Its like a step above Meditation, although I am an advocate for meditation also.

Breathwork is also an incredible tool for physical health. Often times, people dont know why they have put on weight or cannot remove the extra pund they put on. With Breathwork, one can often get to the source of the why, and find support in detoxing from this. ften the weight is from stress that has compacted in a speciifc organ and has built up so much in that area that it has a hard time to move its chi energy and vitality. When chi is blcked, it can cause other issues and often weight or emotional toxins can get stored in the body. Breathwork is an amazing tool to help release these challenges and over time, health and wellness is restored!

I look forward to assisting you in your health and wellness challenges and am here for you to awaken what has laid dormant, suppressed or hidden.

Much Love,


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