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The WellSea Approach – Full Body Acupressure & Shiatsu focused on Wellness and Visualizat

The WellSea Approach – Full Body Acupressure & Shiatsu focused on Wellness and Visualization

You have just received a full body healing session with the WellSea Approach Acupressure. Now what?

What is the WellSea Approach Acupressure?

The WellSea Approach Acupressure is a combination of Jin Shin Do Acupressure, Shiatsu, and Wellness. What does this mean?

During a session of WellSea Acupressure, the practitioner asks the client where they are feeling good that day. After the person receiving finds the area that feels good, the practitioner then asks what area in the body this good area can help. The client then chooses one area to work on in that moment. Even though there may have been several areas of discomfort throughout the day, the area of pain that is felt in the moment that the person is feeling, is the area that should be focused on.

When someone is receiving a healing, it is always best to work with the area that is present in the moment. This approach helps to target the area that your mind or body is most strongly connected to. If you work with an area or feeling that is not as strong, the area that is stronger will eventually come back to hurt you, bother you, or cause you to lose concentration from the area that you originally chose if you did not chose an area that had the strongest feeling to it when you first started.

The WellSea Approach is a method of light gentle acupressure, using gentle finger pressure, hand placements, and visualization to help move the stuck energy in the body. The less pressure being used to release the area of discomfort, sometimes the easier the pain in the body will release. When the practitioner and the client use visualization together to help move energy, the treatment can become very powerful. The more communication between the practitioner and the client, the more effective the session will be, and the faster the healing will occur. The WellSea Approach combines an advanced form of Soul Body Acupressure with the approach of becoming well, rather than focusing on how much pain one is feeling. This approach helps the individual to look for a solution, looking to the future, and gives them a feeling of hope, instead of a feeling of loss and emptiness after a treatment. The WellSea Approach helps people to become empowered within their own body, as they learn to realize how powerful their body is, and how it ultimately learns how to heal itself.

What if I don’t sense where my area of discomfort is?

If you cannot sense an area of discomfort during a session, the best place to chose is the area that has been bothering you the most. Some people are not as sensitive to pain as others. There are advantages and disadvantages to this. If you cannot tell where you have discomfort when you are lying on the table, chose a larger area that is tight, sore, or tense, and I will begin to hold different areas in this location, and together, we can pin-point the exact area or areas that need to be released and relaxed.

Why Acupressure? What if I don’t understand how this technique can help me? How do I know this is the best method for me?

If you are unsure if this is the best method for you, tell me. We can talk about your situation, and come up with a treatment plan that feels comfortable for you. There are other methods of healing I can use if you do not feel this is right for you. I am your practitioner, and I want to help you. If you have any concerns if this method is helpful, or unhelpful, let me know.

What if I cannot feel energy moving in my body?

Not everyone is able to feel energy moving in his or her own body. Not all people have the same abilities to their own sensitivity. If you cannot feel the energy moving in your body, don’t be alarmed. There are other ways you can tell that tension has been released.

How do I know if an area of pain has released?

When the area we have been working on begins to feel relaxed, you will know it is starting to release. When you no longer feel any pain in the area we are working on, then you will know it has completely released, and we can work on the next area.

How do I know when it’s time to move to the next area?

In addition to feeling pain release, you may also feel energy moving down your arms or legs. Energy may move into your fingertips or toes. This sensation is the bodies’ way of moving the energy that was blocked in a specific area we were working on that may have been stored there for a long period of time. The body is a very powerful healing machine. Holding points to release tensions is one way to let the body know it no longer needs to hold onto that tight area. As I am holding a specific area, after a brief period of time, the body then learns that it can let go.

How do I know if a session has really helped me?

After a session, you may not know that the session has helped you for several days, and often in the 1st few sessions, it takes several treatments before you can notice that it is helping. My recommendation, if you are serious about getting better, is to give yourself at least 5 to 10 treatments before you make a decision about the treatments. The more you listen to your body, the more your body will heal.

The focus of the WellSea Approach is to align your body so both sides of your body become parallel to each other. It may take time before you notice that your body is out of muscular alignment, since your muscles may have been holding in an imbalanced position for a very long time, and you may have become used to the tightness, that it feels normal. After a certain amount of sessions, you may notice pains in your body that you did not have before the treatment. This is because when removing one layer of tightness, often you will feel tightness in another area since the first area has relaxed.

During the session, many things happened that I’ve never experienced before, but I didn’t feel comfortable mentioning them or knew what they meant.

Sometimes an individual might feel different emotions that they had not felt in a long time. These emotions are not something you have never felt before. They are often feelings that have not been experienced in quite some time. This experience is normal. As the emotions come up, all you have to do is be aware of them, breath into the feeling, and watch them leave. If you have trouble letting the feelings go and want to talk about them as they come up, you may do this and I can assist you in your process of releasing them.

Other experiences might be visions of many difference kinds. You might see colors, images, pictures, scenes, energy, or anything that your imagine can take you to. These visions are perfectly normal if they come up. They are portraying to yourself your own process of healing and can often give you messages about your own growth, your process and where you are emotionally in that moment. If you wish to share them with me I can help you understand more of what they signify. Or, if they are images that are not pleasant and you want to get rid of them as we are working, I can also help you in visualizations on the table that can assist them in leaving.

If the WellSea Approach is always working with acupuncture points, how is it different from Acupuncture?

Acupuncture works with needles. The doctor gives the patient needles and lets the patient rest on a table in a room alone. The patient has no contact with the doctor to let them know how they are feeling while they are in the room alone. Often they become relaxed and fall asleep. It is a less personal form of healing, although, very good. It is different in its’ approach.

The difference in the approach is that in WellSea Acupressure, the practitioner stays in the room with the client, and they communicate with one another to assist the body in releasing areas of tension on a minute-by-minute basis. Anything can shift in the body at any moment, and when having the practitioner in the room any area can be targeted as soon as the area of discomfort arises. Two hands are also used in WellSea Acupressure. For this reason, several points can be held at once, a ball can be used to add to two points in different locations, and the feeling of compassion and support is often felt from the person who is receiving a session.

WellSea Approach also can be very helpful when the client experiences a release of emotions that come up from doing the acupressure work. In some instances, different feelings of emotions come up during a session of Acupressure. The practitioner is trained how to be supportive, nurturing, helpful, and to be a good listener to the receiver. In a sense, it can also be like a counseling session, although having the added benefit of receiving bodywork at the same time.

WellSea Approach works on acupuncture points that rest on specific meridian lines. Each of the meridian lines is connected to different organs in the body. Each of these organs stores different emotions in the body, from the present or the past. Sometimes old emotions come up that had been carried in the body for years. When this happens, the person receiving may be in shock that they are feeling this way. I as the practitioner am trained to listen and be a good healer. I will offer nothing but love and support when this happens. Sometimes, releasing emotions is the only way to heal the body. The body and mind and connected. Often you cannot heal one without healing the other.

How is the experience after a session different from other techniques?

* After a session of WellSea Acupressure, you might experience several things different than in other methods. Some of them might be:

* A greater sense of well being than prior to the session.

* Deep sleep, memory of dreams when you awake the next day, better rest

* A feeling of greater alignment in your body

* A feeling of lightness and relaxation

* A stronger desire to stretch or do yoga and a greater ability to do so

* More alertness and ability to focus

* A greater knowing to your own feelings

How do I know when to schedule the next appointment?

My best guidance for you in making your next appointment is to listen to your body. If your body is in pain, it may be time for another session. If you are feeling overwhelmed, or is stress, it may be time to make another appointment. Your body will always tell you when you need to pay attention to it.

If your situation is more serious than occasional feelings of pain, and you are always in pain, I would come as often as you can.

Sessions can be made 2 to 3 times a week, once a week, and then go to once a month, and eventually once every couple of months. If you are already healthy, then once every couple of months is all I recommend for WellSea Acupressure. If your body is in a lot of pain, a couple times a week is best in order for you to get back in alignment.

It is up to you as to how often you want to give your body a treatment. If you are hurting, it is your bodies’ way of talking to you. I am here, as a guide, and I will help you along your way.

If there are questions that I did not answer, feel free to email me or call.

For more information in WellSea Acupressure, you can visit and, as this is the basis for this work.

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