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Growing Up I Was Looking for Love

Growing Up I was Looking for love

Growing Up I Was Looking for Love. I sought out love from everywhere but home and had to go through a lot of difficult relationships until I found good relationships. The greatest love I ever experienced was with my child and then with myself. Relationships always have their challenges. You go throuogh ups and downs. And some relationships should just not exist. I discovered along the way the greatest love affair I ever had was with myself.

Setting boundaries is the most crucial aspect in all relationships, including the relationship you have with yourself. Sometimes you can honor other peples boundaries, or honor the relationship, but in the end you might not be honooring your own boundaries. Trusting your own heart, your own boundaries, and what you need as an individual will give you the greatest power, even if you mightt be hurting someone else's feelings.

I learned the long and hard way after having the greatest love of my life, when things shifted in the relationship and his boundaries changed, it impacted the most important thing to me; my passion, my drive, my most important relationships and especially the one with myself. Accepting that someone has changed their mind about things, and accepting that might mean its time to leave the relationship has been a struggle most of my life. Being willing to say No and walk away can sometimes be the most important thing to save your life and save your sanity. Expecting people to stay the same or accept whats important to you is a battle no one will ever win.

Fighting with reality is like trying to force an outcome. The only battle you end up fighting is the one with yourself. The most of important relationship you can have is the one with yourself, and accepting the way things are and the way things aren't. Give yourself love first and the right people will find you.

The practice Somatic Stress Release that I offer is something new that I love and its freshness in bringing your heart and spirit to life is something I had not experienced in this way before discovering this work. There are many modalities out there with the word Somatic in the title. However, this practice is unqiue all on its own. It helps to bring alive feelings and energies in the body that lay dormant and havent been given much attention. Its gentle, yet powerful approach to assist in unraveling pieces of the self, or anchoring energies outside of the self, or briging alive what had been suppressed is extroadinary. The questions and dialgoe of it helps one to take control of their own life. When you want to practice and harness the ability to experience self love, Somatic Stress Release is the most powerful practice I know to do this.

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Asttarte helps Women to expand and experience deep self love, be fully free in their bodies and be who they truly are. She helps Couples have deeper emotional, spiritual and sexual intimacy than they ever experienced before. And she helps Soul Men find their Bliss!

My purpose is to share and experience joy, love and bliss!

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