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Tantra Holistic Healer Teacher & Psychedelic Integration Coaching

Updated: May 10

Tantra Holistic Healer Teacher & Psychedelic Integration Coaching

Do you remember the day when I started my work as a Tantra Practitioner, back in 2005? I was excited, passionate, and inspired to share this new found love for bliss on a daily basis. I was young, vulnerable and determined to get the word out of what is possible to experience in our amazing human bodies. I studied everything I could grasp for months and years. Well, after nearly 18 years I have learned quite a lot. I am still incredibly passionate about this work. However, now I am moving into the role of Teacher and Mentor with this. I have published 6 books so far, and am working on a few others currently.

I am in the process of building an online curriculum for Tantra and will make announcements as this progresses. However, now I see the value of the entire Psychedelic Industry. The clientele, peers, students and friends I have made in these communities is phenomenal! I have been walking in this new community of Shamanic Healers, Plant Medicine Sitters, Shamanic Plant Medicine Facilitators, Bufo Facilitators, Kambo Practitioners, Ayahuasca Shamans, San Pedro Practitioners, Cacao Practitioners and Psychedelic Integration Coaches for these last 7 years. Each has their own specialty. However, what I have found that is very different than the sole Tantra Communities, is that those who are interested in Psychedelic Healing today, or the popular phrase Plant Medicine, is that these folks truly want to heal, grow and expand as a person. Their sincerity and dedication blows my mind. Many are also very intrigued and curious about Tantra. However, they approach it with the mindset of vulnerability, curiosity, trust and humbleness.

The Psychedelic Community people approach Tantra from the mindset of love, profound healing, integrity and faith. Their hearts are open and they want to learn. My experience with previous tantra clients and students, although many were fantastic, I love many of them deeply, miss incredibly and hold deeply in my heart. Some were not coming with integrity, did not tell the truth, were a bit on the addictive side of sex, and some were quite overzealous. Perhaps some of that impact was on my fault, for not always having solid boundaries when first meeting and building grounded trust, or sometimes allowing my boundaries to be pushed later. And some were just simply not looking for Healing so we were not a match. Which is why now I will mainly be teaching Tantra and Breathwork, and offering private Sessions to those who truly want it, need it, and were referred to me, met in a Workshop I taught, an event I hosted, or found through the profound work of Psychedelic Integration Coaching, Shamanic Ceremony Communities, Crystal Bowls and Sound Healing, Breathwork, Yoga, Wellness Centers or Holistic Expos, my Somatic Therapy Community, those looking for Meditation or Reiki, Ecstatic Dance, the amazing Healy Community and my new experimental platform of other practitioners at

Healing and love is needed everywhere!

However, as a Practitioner of many modalities for as long as I have been in practice, my passion and intention is to work with people who are sincere, have an open heart, are willing to trust me as a Practitioner, Teacher, and Coach and truly want to learn, study, listen and surrender to what I have to offer. Because of this, I have made the decision to include the niche Plant Medicine Integration Coaching, with my long term niche as Tantra Holistic Healer, Teacher & Coach, and my new passion as a Conscious Connected Breathwork Teacher and Coach (I'll be sharing many more posts on this incredible work).

Additional services I have to offer underneath these such as Somatic Stress Release Therapy, Reiki, Sound Healing, Shamanic Soul Bodywork, Couples Coaching, Grief Coaching & Healing, etc fall underneath the top categories. I hope this clarifies where I am at today vs the past. I still will offer Tantra Massage and Kundalini Activation Sessions (See Self Care Packages and Tantra Coaching), but one must have sincerity to do this work, truly

need it, have integrity and have a sincere desire for healing and personal growth. If anyone has any questions, wants clarity, or just to chat, please send me a text to 215-326-9641.

Check out some of my other info on Integration after Ceremony, the power of what Couples Coaching can do for you, and the amazing work of Breathwork!

Have a beautiful, Blessed and Bliss filled day!



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