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Surrender to Your Hormones

When it comes to a womans cycle, she goes through many changes throughout the month. Before she starts menstruating there’s a period of time where her body is the most depleted. It feels like waiting for your favorite train ride to arrive, and you just seem to be waiting for hours, but usually days before it comes. When it finally arrives, you know you can start to move forward with your life.

Most of the time, when we're feeling these intense feelings of hormones, we spend countless hours and days fighting up against it, and trying to change it. We want to change ourselves to feel better again. We do it for our partner, our children, our careers and ourself. But the reality is, you can't fight again something that is natural, and is a part of who you are as a woman. We women, are always trying to please everybody. But the truth is, this is our time of the month to go within. There's nothing we can do to change the fact that we are women, and we have a female cycle, and our hormones shift throughout the month. What we can do, however, is surrender to it.

Our hormones, are a part of the ovulation cycle. If you are a woman, most of you have a uterus, and a female reproductive system. If you are between the ages of about 10 and about 55, most likely you are going to have to deal with the changes of a woman's cycle. Her body is preparing to make an egg, and go through the different phases. There's no stopping this. But what we can do is recognize that this does happen, and notice how you are feeling. At different points of the month, you may have different levels of energy, and different levels of production to get things done, or different things you focus on.

We women, are all too hard on ourselves. We judge ourselves so immensely, and criticize ourselves for being who we are more than anyone else. Before we begin the phase of bleeding, or what they call menstruating, we may have hormones and chemicals in our brain that drive us, and the people we love absolutely crazy. But when we can surrender to it, and just accept that this is actually normal and a part of being a woman, we can be kinder to ourselves. Trying to take a pill to change us, or be critical is the worst thing you can do to yourself. (Although some natural or gentle herbs or remedies won't hurt).

We are all resistors, and what they say in Landmark, "resisting machines", and we resist what is right in front of us all the time. We push away love, we reject someone being kind to us, and we try to become someone that we're not all the time. When we surrender to what is about our hormones, we can see that its a time to go inward. It's a time for self reflection; a time to love ourselves. If you need to take a nap, so be it and take a nap. Maybe you want to draw, or journal, or take a walk. We are not living in an Ancient Native American culture, however, some of those tribes still do try to pass down their wisdom to the people of today. And, in some communities, like the Red Tent Temple, or some cultures in the East, women are honored as sacred during the time of their cycle, and they are supported to do their spiritual work at this time. And, the young women, get to be held with guidance, love and kindness to the elders in their tribe. Instead of trying to make them turn off their hormones, they use it as a time for great wisdom to come through, and are respected as women for their wisdom and spiritual gifts. If we can take just a little bit of that knowledge and tradition, and bring it to our world, I say, the least we can do is to be kind to ourselves, and "Surrender to Your Hormones"!


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