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Sex and Vaccines

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

Now that its been at least a year since everyone who was going to get the vaccine, most likely got it, what do we do about sex? If you didn't get the vaccine, and your husband/wife or girlfriend/boyfriend did, what do you do? Do you still have sex? How do you feel afterwards?

It's not something publicly talked about, but those non-vaxxed people actually can get really sick by those vaxxed people when it comes to sex and intimacy. If you haven't been vaccinated, most likely your body is as pure as can be, unless you have something else going on completely separate from the pandemic. (meaning, if it was something you were dealing with way before this whole madness of the pandemic). However, thats debatable too.

You'll know you've been affected by your partner, that was vaxxed, and especially boosted, after being sexual with them. Most likely you'll be filled with toxic poisoning, a high dose of heavy metal toxicity, and feel it all over your body. You may be stuck to the couch/bed/or floor, and feel like you can't move.

How Do you Protect Yourself (from your partners vaccine)

One, you could abstain from sex altogether. That's usually not something partners in an established relationship want to do, even new relationships. Do you choose to date based on if your potential lover is vaccinated or not? Some people chose not to date anyone unless they have never had the shot. Immediately, they find out, and they already know its a no. They don't want to waste time trying to protect themselves, or getting sick after being with their partner, so they stay clear of them from the get go.

Some people are more open minded and try to work around it. There are condoms that can be used to prevent any leakage of the male liquid, even a small amount could make you sick. You want to make sure your condoms are new and not expired. Don't risk using an older condom that could break easily, or a thin condom that might stretch and break. Make sure its the right size for your partner to prevent any breaking or ripping.

Additional Preventatives

Have your vaccinated and boosted lover do some detoxes; zeolites, activated charcoal, bentonite clay, ivermectin, and a very potent type of detox sodium thiosulfate with vitamin c powder. You can also have them do MMS, Navapashanam (9 poisons) and Kambo Frog Venom detoxes (a non psychedelic shamanic medicine). These will prevent your lover from getting sick in the future, as well as protect you from getting sick today.

I'd say MMS is the most disgusting of all of them, but it works. (the best way to take this is through filling your own capsules. I'm happy to counsel if you're interested. Or feel free to do your own research). Zeolites, Activated Charcoal and Bentonite Clay are more subtle. They take a while to work, but if you want to play the safer route, go with those to start. If you really want to clean out and detox and don't want to wait to have sex, or wait to get better, try the Sodium Thiosulfate with Vitamin C, Navapashanam and Kambo. I'd say those are the most powerful! You can also try one potent detox (pick one of the three to do at a time), and one gentle detox and see how you feel.

The important thing is, to protect your self prior to sex, protect your partner, and to give yourself permission to have fun and be intimate. The vaccine has separated a lot of people and a lot of families became at odds because of it. When it comes to sex, having pleasure and giving yourself permission to feel bliss with your partner, do your best to protect yourself, and the one you are with.

Let's all try to help each other, and not go against each other. The whole covid thing was thrown on us. We didn't have a choice to go through it. We chose how we dealt with it, and now its time to chose how we can free ourselves from it after the fact.

If you're having trouble connecting to your partner, or are having emotional issues come up for you, let's schedule a Breathwork, Energy Healing or Coaching Session and see how we can remedy this together.

To your love, peace and inner joy!



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