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Removing Trapped Emotion

Removing Trapped Emotion

How does one go about removing trapped emotion? And what does that mean? Well, after being in practice for nearly 2 decades, and now with the love of my life, I’ve trained him what I am about to teach you. And, if you decide, you can come see us as a couple for your healing too (a woman, a couple or a man). I’ll share more about that later. But, what I want to say is removing trapped emotion is not an easy task. Most people have many, I mean many layers of armoring protecting the trapped emotion before one can even begin to go down the journey of removing the trapped emotion (and energy) stuck in the body.

There are many layers to removing trapped emotion. So before we can talk about removing these trapped emotions, we first have to talk about those layers.

Layers to Removing Trapped Emotion

1). Your energy body must be purified, cleansed and scanned on a regular basis

2). Your brain may need a makeover, re-training on what’s healthy and whats not, whats normal and whats not, learn how to be with your feelings and responses

3). You may go through a TON of Resistance!!! This is the biggest layer to get through. We are ALL Resistance machines, and some more than others. “What we resist persists” is a popular saying, and it is SO true! Until we are willing to admit something, accept something, be with it, understand it, acknowledge it, even apologize (to yourself or others), and let go of what you’re resisting, resistance will continue to show up and be a barrier to getting past it to see things in a new way, let them go and live into a new realm where life is extraordinary. That will not happen until the resistance layer has been handled.

4). Once the resistance has been dealt with, its easier to get underneath it. Surrender can begin, however, resistance will often re-surface until all the layers of the resistance have been healed, dealt with, and resolved.

5). Bodywork, removing the final layers of resistance often happens with bodywork, massage, energy work, breath work, and if you are lucky, being held by someone who loves you.

6). Love making and sensual healing is not the thing that will heal these emotional layers, however, it can be a part of the process, the celebration, or feel a love connection while on the journey of removing the layers of emotion. So, having a partner, a beloved, a significant other is the magical part of healing the trapped emotion, so you have someone who can give you feedback, and be your mirror in showing you what is still there to heal, give you the nurturing and love you need while you are healing, or be the person who can do deeper sensual healing of the trapped emotion and bring your love relationship that much closer.

What Helps Removing Trapped Emotion the Most

The biggest component to removing trapped emotion I’d like to say is energy work and bodywork. And, I will be sharing here some of my experiences of removing layering under the armpit, around the sides of the ribs and along the breast at your side. There are trapped emotions everywhere in the body, but when a woman’s breasts have knots, or under her armpit, along the ribcage for example, doing deep acupressure and bodywork there can help her truly release an enormous amount of grief, sadness, loss, feelings of abandonment and rejection from her past, and even trauma, and allow her to open her heart that much more. If you are her Beloved reading this, you may want to try this together.

This works for men in their chest area as well. And it works for Women working on Women as well. The chest and breast area is the Heart Chakra, and as much meditation on the Heart Chakra (or other chakras that is) one does, the heart chakra will not be fully cleansed until the physical body removes the trapped emotions in it as well. Some women have enormous muscle knots in their breasts, or alongside their ribs under the arm pit. These knots are trapped emotions. And for a love relationship to feel fully connected, this armoring is very important to be removed.

Why This is SO Important and What We’ll Talk About Later

There is also armoring the physical body may carry everywhere else as well, be it the neck, the arms, the hips, the waist, the belly and stomach, the thighs, the calves and ankles, the shins, hamstrings, shoulders…you name it! The pelvic floor is also another area women carry an enormous amount of armoring and this deserves a separate article, so I will write more on this one later. However, any trapped emotion will limit ones capacity to feel, to feel love, to give or receive it, and to able to surrender, accept, have peace, let go, and be at home in their body. It can take any entire lifetime to heal, or one very brave and determined soul to heal it quickly with someone they trust and love with all their heart.

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