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My Experience with Psychedelics

Updated: Oct 28, 2020

My Experience with Psychedelics over the past 4 years has gone from the extremes of highs to the extremes of lows. One thing I want to advise people who are considering psychedelics as a method of healing their past, their hidden trauma, and the deepest parts of their soul; it works! You may have tried every possible method out there to heal your past, and parts of yourself that you didn't even know existed. The Sacred Earth Medicine the Native American Shamans and Earth Healers have kept alive, safe, and sacred have allowed the people of this earth to have a method of healing that no other medicine can match. I have been on the path of Healing for over 20 years, and I have tried many different methods all over the globe, many different teachings, healers trainings, and certification programs for healing and transformational growth. However, when I started the journey of psychedelics, although there are many stories out on these medicines, what I can say is only positive. They will help bring buried and hidden traumas, memories, and feelings that have been trapped in ones being; body, heart, muscles, brain and soul, and bring them to the forefront to be looked at, analyzed, processed and released.

They do the opposite of what SSRI medications do, instead of suppressing feelings that are there, or controlling them, they bring feelings out of hiding to the surface so they can then be released fully and completely. And, once a memory or feeling has been released, it does not return. Emotions processed and memories released do not linger. I would speculate this is why so many psychiatrists and medical professionals speak so highly of this method of healing. And, now in our time and age, some doctors have shifted their professional practice over to using these methods to treat their psychiatric patients of mental health issues. These medicines are now known to help heal and cure people of anxiety, depression, PTSD, and many other conditions in a slow, methodical process over time. When deep traumas and brain conditions are treated in a slow process, with gentleness, awareness, and caution, the results are truly magical and healing.

After 4 years of journeying down this path, and having had a serious list of severe traumas myself, I can attest and agree that the path of Earth Medicines, safe, pure and non chemical Earth Medicines do heal to the core. Doing this journey with a partner, a committed loving partner, I would say is by far the most powerful path of this journey, especially a partner who can go down this path with you, and honor you, listen to your requests of massage, or holding you down when necessary, upon your request, will help you release lifetimes of soul trauma from your being. Its beyond magical when you can explore this path with a Beloved, and go through the mountains of emotions and processes, to then come out having been lifted of the old programming in your DNA and cellular memories, to then being empowered, enlightened, expanded, having raised your consciousness, with the ability to share in the glory and celebration of accomplishing and completing the past, and walking forward with love, light, forgiveness, acceptance, and joy in your heart!

My partner and I have been so moved and humbled by this path, that we have decided to take the route of becoming Shamanic Facilitators, to be able to administer these medicines to those who are ready to go down this path, and heal at their core as well. It takes several years to be trained in this work, but we are committed to the journey, the transformation, and the gifts this brings.

Doing Earth Medicine Healing work heals 4 to 7 Generations forward and backward of your Family Ancestry, so this is also a path of Family Ancestry Healing, and one you can share with your family and children, and many more to come. Some people have fears of doing this work, because of the depth it touches you, but often because of their own fears and the stories they have heard in the past.

The only caution I would make, is to those who are currently on an SSRI. You will need to consult with a psychiatrist about your journey, and the Shaman, and you'll need to be weaned off of your SSRI first before embarking on this path, or go at an even slower rate with much smaller doses. If it is dangerous for you to wean off an SSRI at this time, then this might not be the path for you. However, it still could be done, but you would be a special case. Perhaps you would have to wait for some time in the future when time has passed and you can make different choices in the future. To those who cannot take advantage of this type of healing, my heart goes out to you, and I trust you are in good hands, and God/Goddess, and your angels are on your side. I am truly grateful I have been able to utilize this beautiful gift from nature, and am grateful to all the Shamans, Native Americans and tribes still living on our beautiful planet Earth who create this medicine to heal all beings on the planet. I thank you, love you and honor you!

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