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Breathwork for Anger, Grief & More

Updated: May 10

Breathwork for anger, grief & more

I've known about Breathwork for over 20 years. I practiced many styles of Breathwork in the past including Rebirthing, Pranayama, and even the amazing Shamanic Breathwork. I discovered this new love for Breathwork when I was down in Mexico during my Bufo training experience. The other student in the group shared a style of Breathwork to help all of us for Integration I had never experienced before. My eyes lit up when I discovered there was much more to learn about this fascinating practice. I soon discovered there were many styles of Breathwork being taught out in the world and different types of teachers combining different methods for their students.

I jumped into a Breathwork training within a few months after I arrived home from Mexico. The program started in June of 2022, about 2 months before my Beloveds passing. It was literally the thing that saved my life in dealing with his situation. Breathwork to assist in someone's anticipated loss and actual passing in the most beneficial thing you can do for yourself. But Breathwork can assist in not only supporting someone in grief, but also in many other things.

Breathwork for Anger, Grief & More is super incredible for one's sexual health, sexuality, vitality, and passion. It helps with lifting suppression, stagnant energy, blocked energy, unresolved relationship challenges from the past that have energies stored in ones sexual center, and sacral center, as well as their heart, control center, throat chakra and more. I find Breathwork to be so powerful for releasing any emotion stuck in the body, which we often are unaware of.

Breathwork can assist in releasing confusion, fear, anxiety, panic, stress, depression, ptsd, sadness, anger, feeling empty, feeling stuck, feeling lonely, blocked, and pretty much any emotion that we as humans are capable of feeling. It will lift it out from its source and get to the bottom of where it's coming from and you will leave a session feeling freer, more empowered, more peaceful and happier than before.

There is so much I want to share about this topic and I will continue to discuss it in other articles, emails, videos and if you choose to join us in person.

It's also an excellent practice to do for Psychedelic Integration and to help release what the profound medicine work brought to the surface, and will help the brain process better what came up for the individual. It will help to let go, help one feel grounded and peaceful.

Check out this presentation I created on Breathwork, and if you have questions, please don't hesitate to ask. Just click on the Contact page of this site and send me a message.

Have a beautiful blessed day!

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