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Massaging Your Husband

Updated: Mar 25, 2023

Massaging Your Husband; this is something I am quite familiar with. Having had a private massage practice since 2001, and many men until 2017, I have many years of practice on all levels of massage for men who were often very lonely, very sexually frustrated, and very emotionally repressed.

Men need more than anything for their women to give them the nurturing, affection and attention they deserve. Men often are just like big teddy bears that want affection with the heart and needs of a child. Men are just as emotional and sensitive as women, they just put on a tougher face, and sometimes have a harder shell than women. That doesn't mean their needs are less important. In fact, they are just as important as women's needs. We are all children of God in the end.

Now, I've had a lot of requests in the past for Couples Healing work. My Sessions now are about healing the true rift or distance between couples, and open their hearts deeper to each other. They are not for Couples to come and be witnessed of their sexual pleasure and erotic fantasies. You can go somewhere else if that is your intention.

I am here to help the ladies learn or learn further how to give their beloved husband or partner the massage they desperately are seeking. I also will train the men on how to give your partner a Healing Session as well. Again, these are for Healing; not to fulfill a fantasy.

Do any of you men, wish your wives would massage you or learn how to nurture you with touch and give you love in this way? Are you sad, lonely, and have unresolved issues from your past and wish your Beloved wife (or partner) would know how to help you?

And ladies, do you too wish your husband knew how to massage your heart? (not just give you a sensual experience), but deeply help you work through some emotional challenges, unresolved issues from the past or sadness trapped inside of you.

How many of you ladies wish you had a closer relationship with your husband but don’t quite know how to melt him? (without him thinking he just needs to get his rocks off). In fact, melting his heart and opening his heart is a much bigger turn on than just giving him pleasure.

Some men (and some women), just want to go straight to the orgasm. They think this is where their struggles are, or what will help them to become closer to you. There are some tantra practitioners out there that will go straight to the pleasure zone, and not teach you tantra and love healing the proper way.

I am here to help guide both men and their partners, or women and their partners how to heal inside of their relationship. It is in fact possible to help your partner to work through their emotional challenges with you. You can be trained on how to help them.

You could go to a Couples Workshop in Tantra and learn some breathing techniques. You could take a Couples Massage Workshop and learn how to arouse and pleasure each other. However, if you truly want to help open your Beloveds heart and help them to process the emotions inside of them, I can assist in this process. This is not something I offer regularly. I only offer this to a small select few. We can do this over zoom or in person, or if you would like to come to a group event, I can let you when I will be hosting a Group Ceremony for Couples. This Group Ceremony will be fully clothed. This will be a different experience, but deeply magical and powerful.

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The private one on one Sessions will be to do direct hands on work on your Beloved, but in a safe container and supported with a guide to help each of you process. My next book, The Heart On, Opening the Heart of Your Beloved, goes in depth on this topic. It will be out by the summer. For an early release of the copy, send me a private message.

With you all and your Beloveds and beautiful, magical and bliss filled day!



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