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Integration After Your Healing Journey

Have you recently had a powerful Healing Session?

Have you recently gone on a Spiritual Retreat?

Have you recently gone on a Plant Medicine or Psychedelic Journey?

Integration after your healing experience is just as important as the healing experience by itself. Not everyone knows how to integrate after they've gone through a profound awakening, and when one goes through a healing journey thats exactly what happens. You will have gone through an awakening, and in order to rebalance your system back to harmony and your center, you also need to do what is going to help you to integrate from this experience as well.

What Do You Do To Integrate?

What each person does during their integration is going to be unique to the individual. Perhaps you enjoy Yoga, and participate in a daily or several times a week Yoga practice.

Perhaps you like to practice daily meditation.

Acupuncture is also excellent as a practice to heal from energy and emotions that have use to the surface.

Journaling your experience, writing about it, and sharing with friends is also incredibly important and helpful.

Some Other things you can do to integrate (and things I can help you with):

Getting a Reiki or Energy Healing Session

Receiving a Somatic Stress Release Therapy Session (what's this? I'll be writing more about this soon)

Receiving a Breathwork Session (amazing Conscious Connected Breathwork Sessions are now available)

Dancing/Movement (own your own or in a session, incorporate with SSRT)

Singing/Toning/Saying Mantra (This is often offered in a private session or group event)

Getting a Massage (spiritual tantra, shiatsu, Thai, full body acupressure, Swedish)

Ascension Meditation (these are usually 1 to 1 and 1/2 hours in length)

Chakra Healing (full chakra healing/reading and healing)

Intuitive Healing (intuitive session are unique to the individual)

One on One Yoga (one on one yoga/in person or over zoom/going deep into the pose)

Spiritual Counseling/Coaching about your specific Feelings/Issues/Needs (several modalities are offered in this approach, and practices for emotional release or exercises for healing and empowerment)

If you are a Couple and need support as a Couple, I can also help with this as well. Couples practices will be different than individual practices, so feel free to ask!

Integration after a healing experience allows your body, mind and soul to process from the experience, some time to let the experience settle into your system, and also time to talk about it. We all like to feel grounded, balanced and in harmony, and when we allow ourselves to integrate after some powerful experiences, you will do just that.

If you have gone through a powerful medicine journey, spiritual quest, or awakening experiencing, I am here for you t help you come back to earth! Theres no greater place to be than to be right here and now, in your body, settled, in harmony and at peace!



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