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Grieving the Shamans Way - Book Coming this July!

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

Grieving the Shamans Way is my baby! It has been my passion and work this past year. It has been the journey of healing at my core, the greatest love of my life, and finding my way back to me. It's about 315 pages in length, and the main book that the handbook comes from. They work well together, but the main book Grieving the Shamans Way, What I Learned from the Love of My Life Dying, On Healing the Shadow Side of a Relationship After Your Greatest Love, On the Wisdom of Bufo the Toad, Spirit Medicine, Intimacy, Tantra, and Being Our Authentic Selves. It is powerful, transformative, and electric all at the same time. It talks about the power of Tantra, the magic of Psychedelics and the deep core healing of Death and losing the greatest love of your life!

The book is done! I'm just waiting on a few endorsements/reviews from professional friends. I will announce the date soon!

Here is an excerpt from the book:

Grieving the Shamans Way book


"In the Tantric tradition, the path of celebration is when you can have a full body experience, awakening the mind, the heart, the sexual centers, when your voice is open, your third eye can see, and all chakras have been cleared, activated, and awakened. When it comes to spirit medicine, and Ancient Shamanic traditions, it sort of merges my world of tantra, and bridges it with the higher learning of the ancients. Ascension is the path of Enlightenment. Tantra is the path of Awakening, and Spirit Medicine is the path of Transformation. All of these practices lead to the same goal; to attain bliss, peace in the body, purging of the soul, and freedom of the spirit and mind.

Tantra is all about pleasure, and bliss in the body, ultimately leading to ecstasy of the body and soul. As an already established Tantra practitioner, Spirit Medicine just takes ones already opened kundalini, and chakras that have evolved to a certain degree, and awakens them that much more. Ayahuasca is a practice that brings people the experience of feeling complete love; love for themself, and love for others. Aya brings people to their soul, but through the physical body, in an embodied spiritual expansion type of experience. Aya is a gentler practice. It awakens one layer of the psyche and spiritual self at a time; addressing specific issues, traumas and energies that may have been living dormant in their body for a very long time. Because Aya helps release energies trapped in the body, it also creates the experience of feeling a sense of complete love for the self, and in loving the self fully, it only makes sense that loving others will arise, in a respectful way from witnessing the self and being fully attuned within.

Bufo is a different path altogether. From my own experience, witnessing and observing others, Bufo is a practice of healing the mental health of an individual. Bufo heals the mental health of their ancestry and bringing them an experience of connecting to the universe; God if you will. It merges the individual self-back to their original source; or gives them a taste of that as they perhaps had experienced before they had entered into their physical body in this lifetime. Bufo often deals with addictive issues, and since addiction starts with the mind, it first starts with releasing and clearing blocks, imbalances, and abnormal ways the thought patterns are experienced in the brain and body.

During the time my Beloved and I explored the world of Ayahuasca, we had the time of our lives. We were laughing all the time. We were able to talk through breakdowns. We celebrated life. We welcomed friends and neighbors to join our fun, and we had partnered together in my Tantra practice working with Couples clients to help them with their intimacy, love for each other and to talk through breakdowns in communication. It’s possible that Bufo was the thing that destroyed our relationship from the beginning, but it also brought us back home.

When it comes to freedom of the soul, how do you choose between the love of your life, or connecting to your true self through the eyes of God? It’s almost like choosing which husband is best for you? They’re both amazing. No one chooses a human over God, but there are many who choose a partner as priority over the rest of their life. These two medicines are so different, it's almost as if there is no way to compare them.

However, when it comes to spirit medicine, they are incredibly powerful, and they can rock your world. And, in order to truly know what you are getting into, it's important to be prepared that your whole life may either come crumbling down or be built up to something beautiful and magical. It’s also very possible, that the spirit medicine work, will break down all your walls, all your barriers, all your resistances, all your fears and unknowns, and once you’ve released and cleared ALL your traumas, all your Grief, all your imbalanced energies, you can hope that one day you will become fully free: of your whole self. But it's not an easy path to walk, and it doesn't happen quickly.

We often don’t know what any one spirit medicine will do for an individual. Each person is unique and has their own life experiences, thinking patterns, traumas, reactions, behaviors, and ways of being in the world. No one will know what any one spirit medicine will do to someone, but we do know now that Spirit Medicine as a whole causes miraculous changes, for the better for the self as a whole.

We just don’t always know how that will show up and what to expect. Expecting anything or having any assumptions will only set people up for disappointment. One must be willing to be in the unknown, surrender, and trust that whatever the medicine brings to them, how it guides them, or what it heals in them is exactly what that person needed at the time and what they were ready for."

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