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Full Body Axiotonal Alignments

þ Full Body Axiotonal Alignments þ

“Bringing in the energy of the future.”

“Our galactic body of creation controls its renewing functions through meridian axiatonal lines which are the equivalent of acupuncture lines that can connect with resonating star systems. These axiatonal lines are not limited to a physical body or a biological creation, but are open-ended and can connect the body vehicle with axiatonal lines that emanate from the various star populations and exist as chemical code mechanisms.”

“Man is a floating biological sub-system existing between Magnetic fields.”

“The human evolution is a preconceived experiment within a world of happenstance relativity.”

“The axiatonal lines can exist independent of the Overself but still require the governing functions of the Higher Evolution.”

“The axiatonal grids tend to enter and interface with the biological activity taking place on higher or lower vibratory frequencies within the space being used by various biologies. The grids are not governed by the laws and mechanisms controlling physical evolution, for they operate by means of their own accretion of energy for maintenance.”

“Man at this time is being advanced to a new biological program of creation.”

“A whole new specie is being created at this time by the bringing together of the Adamic Overself-human creation which will allow this spiritual-biological expression of the Christ Race to be advanced to the next consciousness time zone of creation.”

“The axial lines are part of a fifth-dimensional circulatory system combining color and sound, which are used to draw from the Overself body the basic energy used for the renewing of the human evolutionary body.”

The combining of Medical Astronomy and Molecular biology allows for “the tRNA molecules to cause cells to alter their normal properties, which will then receive the original genetic transmissions given through a ‘spin point,’ to a cell.”

“Axiatonal lines, thus, cause new patterns of cellular circumvolution to take place.”

“The spin point takes energy and weaves the light grids which form the fabric of cellular regenesis.”

“The spin points receive their energies via the axiatonal lines.”

“Through the axiatonal arrangement, both acoustical vibrations of spiritual Light and Living Light.”

“The key then opens the door for sonic vibrations generating gravitational light within the body.”

Writings above are taken from the book: The Keys of Enoch, (Key 317: 1-62)


When you receive a Full Body Axiatonal Alignment, you connect to the cosmic lattice, clearing your meridian lines, and balancing your chakras. It helps one to re-establish a connection to your overself/oversoul bringing “the energy of the future” to you.

AXITONAL ENERGY recharges continually all bodies and also assists to clear away negative patterns of the emotions and the mind.

An example to explain what the axiatonal energy looks like, or feels like, is this:

All around us is a sea of energy. It flows and swirls, ready to be activated at any moment. The sea looks like an imagined net of invisible lines throughout all of space and time, everywhere around you, in everything and in every place. It extends from the ground, into the air, into the sky, and out into the universe and even beyond our own. A few terms for this are: the “cosmic lattice”, universal grid” and “living universe.” However, there are not only lines all around us, but there are also lines within and through our own bodies. You can see this when looking upon a chart of acupuncture lines if you have ever been to an acupuncturist or chiropractors office.

At one time, our own acupuncture lines were connected to the cosmic lattice that surrounds us. The lines were known as “axiatonal line” or axiatonal meridians. They connected all levels of our self on all dimensions. They feed into a fifth dimensional circulatory system. The lines helped maintain our physical body and organs. The lines were then severed and the human body was left with enough energy to sustain life, but we were unable to access the higher energies of the universe on higher dimensional levels.

The FULL BODY AXIATONAL ALIGNMENT helps to re-establish this connection to the universal grid and new axiatonal lines are created. The more alignments received, the more lines are then created to allow for this connection on deeper and deeper levels. The first FULL BODY ALIGNMENT is the beginning of this process to bring us back to the light beings that we once were, and that we are now working towards this accomplishment on a universal level to ‘our’ planet Earth; Gaia. Spread the light with you.


A FULL BODY AXIATONAL ALIGNMENT does not mean the same thing for every person. Things that could be enhanced could be as simple as ‘being more aware of the things that are around you, ‘being able to see things you could not see before; having more intuitive and natural abilities,’ ‘feeling more connected with the world and the things that are around you,’ feeling an increase in your five senses,’ or ‘having an enhancement of various types of your 6th sense of psychic awareness,’ or ‘just feel better all around physically.’ Remember, life is precious and a treasured journey. There is no rush as we are all working to evolve and become better people, however, we can only do it in the pace that we are ready. Enjoy each moment for what it is, every day.

What Marie Regine Essassani said about her alignment, a European teacher of Axiatonal Alignments, received the pattern for conscious alignment, reconnection of the Axiatonal grid in 1995:

“The AXIATONAL ALIGNMENT is the most precious gift ever offered to Humanity. It transforms the Earthly instrument (the human body) profoundly and totally. It dissolves the structures that kept in place the seven chakras system. The limiting ways of functioning by which the antiquated system held human consciousness confined also dissolves.”

Her definition of the Alignment:

“The Axiatonal Alignment is a very subtle grid of light that is infinite in nature. It is the perfect blueprint behind the severed, stained and distorted acupuncture grid and meridians. Through the Axiatonal Alignment, on very subtle levels, the earthly instrument (human body) is re-aligned, reconnected and activated.”

A FULL BODY AXIATONAL ALIGNMENT is a two-day process to perform that takes approximately an hour or more. It is done in a quiet setting, one on one. It is preferred to do the two alignments within a few days of each other rather than spreading it out over several weeks.

COST FOR THE FULL BODY AXIATONAL ALIGNMENT IS: $327.00, Re-alignments are: $138.00

I bless you all on your journey of wonder and light!


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