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Coaching Tip – Detoxing Your Life

Now that we are moving into the depth of fall, lifestyles are changing. We are moving into wearing more clothes, having more time outside, and sometimes our visions of our-selves change in the process. As I contemplate this season, I feel the passion for cleansing; cleansing my body, my spirit and my home. I’m changing eating habits to cleanse the extra weight from eating foods that put on pounds and within days I’m noticing the water weight quickly leaving me. I’ve replaced sugar for stevia, coffee with flavored creams to plain organic teas, salads with heavy dressing to olive oil, and energy drinks to green tea, essential oils and flower essences. In my home I’ve donated my son’s outgrown toys and clothes, cleaned the bathtub and toilet, and purchased excellent All Natural Coconut Oil and Olive Oil for new Sessions.

Tips to Detoxify Your Life

Instead of holding grudges on people, you could: Consider their viewpoints; contemplate another way of looking at the situation Hold compassion for others in your mind Be more giving.

Instead of eating the same foods the same way, you could: Consider some foods that put weight on you (make a list of the foods that make you feel bloated, lethargic, depleted or sick) Trust your own body and listen to your body rhythms Consider substituting out foods for better choices Drink more water, and less soda, coffee or juices Replace caffeine for herbs, vitamins or vegetables

Instead of harboring anger against your children, you could: Be more patient and understanding Look at the situation from their point of view Take a moment to breathe before responding Consider new ways to interact Offer a new solution Consider a family adventure

Instead of blaming your partner for your relationship problems, you could: Start looking at why you are creating the situation in the first place Ponder what it is that you are thinking that causes their reaction Deal with your own stress responsibly Communicate from a place of compassion and take time away if you are upset before speaking Look at what it is you are doing, AND not doing, and go back to your relationship agreements (if there has been no agreements made, make them) Communicate your needs and listen to the needs of your partner Compromise

Instead of blaming everyone else in your life for your problems, you could: Eliminate or maintain minimal contact with certain people in your life that are toxic Talk to a Therapist, Counselor, Healer or Coach to sort things out Start a Journal Go for a Daily Walk Go to Yoga or Exercise Get a Massage, Acupuncture, Chiropractic care, or a Spiritual/Holistic Healing Session Meditate Start or recommit to your own personal growth Find friends on the same page as you (similar goals, beliefs, passions, etc). Try Ayurveda, Aromatherapy or Flower Essences Recommit to a Spiritual Practice Look at yourself!

What do you do to detoxify your life? If you’re unhappy, do you keep doing the same things, or do you consider a new approach?If your friends are making you miserable, do you keep them in your life or find new friends? What are beliefs that are making you miserable? Do you maintain a physically healthy diet, and if you feel lethargic or bloated, what do you do to detox? Do you keep your home clutter free, and if there are things you want to get rid of, what will you do to remove them? If you’re unhappy in your relationship, what will you do to make a difference? What are new approaches you will take with your children to bring you closer? What practices will you do over the next few weeks to relax your mind and nourish your spirits? The next time you feel an argument coming on, will you walk away or pursue the conversation in that moment? If your family or neighbors irk you, what will you do to harbor compassion? What is one thing you will do over the next week to take care of YOU?

During the times of Seasons Changing, it is important to take a broad perspective and look at your whole life at large. During times of seasons changing, often also what show’s up are changes in our viewpoints, our desires, our passions and our focus. Contemplate what the summer will bring you or what it could do to cause you suffering, and change your approach so the next couple months for you are rewarding, satisfying and enjoyable!

“Unless you change how you are, you will always have what you’ve got.” Jim Rohn

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