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Cleansing the Cellular Energy Body

Cleansing the Cellular Energy Body

What does it mean to cleanse the cellular energy body? Well, the energy body is the layer of energy around and on top of your body that carries a vibration of who you are. It carries memories of your recent and far past of events, how you felt, and impacts how you feel today. Before the rape happened, I was a super Clairvoyant, and still have strong abilities today, however, they were covered, clouded and not as strong. There is a huge distinction with being able to sense that someone is a good person, and being aware that they may be dangerous to seeing and feeling their auras and the emotions that they carry in their energy field.

The Head and the Crown Chakra

Today, I decided to cleanse the energy around my head, and from the little memory of the event that happened, I know that this guy forced my head down on the bed. I know I was drugged, but I also have a faint memory of my head being forced into position. For the past 6 years, whenever my son’s father, my son or anyone else came near my head, I was ready to cut their head off (as an expression). I literally could not handle them coming near it, and would pull back, pull away, or push them away so I didn’t feel their hand near my head. It was so devastating to me to feel their hand that it felt like they were holding my head down with pins and needles even with the slightest touch. I even remember several years ago, it went all the way down to my shoulders, and I would NOT want anyone touching my shoulders either, but it started from the force on my head.

Today, after dropping my son off to school, and being super conscious of how my head has been craving this reiki healing energy I have been giving to the rest of my body, I decided to put some major focus on my head. I literally gave reiki on my head for almost 2 hours today. WHAT A RELIEF!!!! After about an hour of doing reiki, the energy started to finally creep in and my being was now accepting the energy to heal. The first hour was about removing the layer, the block and the armor. The second hour (or 45 minutes) was about actually going into my cells to remove the blocks in my energy field in, on, and all around every inch of my head.

I remember when I first started with Reiki 15 years ago and the feeling of pouring in the high vibration of love through my hands in giving myself the healing, just laying there and allowing the energy to do its work. Tears would release from my eyes as the energy poured in, as if the tears were the toxins releasing from my body; not actually emotional tears of sadness, but the energy toxins that were from impure energy of layers around me. And, today, I got to experience this again. Each time a tear rolled down my face, I knew the energy was going deeper and deeper and the vibration of darkness that covered me from the rape was actually, finally, releasing! What a joy to feel the purity of my spirit again, and the purity of the true essence that I am! Now I sit here writing and can feel the clarity around my head, my higher chakras are finally breathing again, and they are finally breathing in the light that they really are.

Today, I am truly grateful that I am alive! I feel like I can breathe again, and it feels SO refreshing!

I so look forward to sharing this healing energy with you again~

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