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Bufo and the Risks to your Relationship

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

With the hype of Bufo and it’s popularity from Mike Tyson’s rave about it and Tony Robbins even sharing about his first Ayahuasca Journey, everyone is seeking to find out what everyone else is so curious about. Curious minds want to know, but as a fellow seeker and lover of love and Tantra and all things magical and beautiful, I am here to share with you to tread with caution. If you are in a significant relationship and want to remain in your relationship, I just warn you of diving head first into a practice that is aimed at working with your dark shadow self.

Some couples who experiment with Bufo survive, but many do not. Bufo 5MEO-DMT is known at this time to be the MOST powerful Psychedelic medicine on the planet. It reveals every individuals true depth of their soul to the surface. There are many many beautiful and miraculous reasons to partake in this sacred toads medicine. It can help you heal your soul contract with your mother, or go deeper into your grief with your grandfather who passed away. It can help you come to peace with your father by releasing the core rage inside of you. These are all examples of what this profound medicine does. However, for some individuals there is a lot of armor covering up the deeper emotions and it takes much more than one or a few sessions to heal your core.

During the process of the unraveling of your souls imprint, there may be resistance to your psyche before all the layers of your true self can be revealed, processed and healed. Sometimes this shows up as depression. Sometimes it shows up as anxiety. And sometimes it shows up by walking away from your family or loved ones for a while in order to process these core layers and emotions.

In order to heal the truth of who we are, sometimes challenging feelings come to rise. Once the process starts we can’t stop it. All we can do is surrender to it and allow it to show us who we are, and accept that this is just part of the journey.

These are the challenges with Bufo, but also the gifts. One must remember the truth of who they are is always hiding underneath the face we are showing others. Many of us are actors and actresses and we want to look good and have everyone like us. We want to be beautiful, have the most friends, the most clients, the best cars, the nicest houses and be adored all the time. But sometimes when we reveal our true colors, it doesn’t always look pretty. Some couples struggle to see their partners true colors too. They may resist it and want them to be the same. They may expect to always be loved and always have the same amount of attention from their partner as they had before. The change they are seeing right before their eyes could scare them to their core, but being the witness and the partner it may not be easy. It is advised that both partners in the relationship do this deep soul work together. However, it can sometimes be much harder to support your partner and accept their process when you also are going through a big change yourself. One person is the relationship should be more grounded than the other. However, if only the one in the couple is doing the work, the relationship could also grow apart, because one person is growing and the other is not. Either way, it’s a risk and a challenge.

Some relationships fall apart and they find new partners that are a better match to who they are. Some stay together, but not without a lot of hard work, patience and a core foundation of commitment.

Even those who are deeply committed, deeply connected and deeply in love may be at risk of their relationship slowly separating in time. My partner and I were the strongest of couples in our community. People came to see us that seeked counsel and advice, but with my own request for space to process and time to be alone, my own partner struggled with my need and his soul decided to leave this earth. I will share more about my own grief process and how one can grieve their loved one after they left them or died.

Not everyone is at risk. And you don’t have to have the same experience as I did, My Beloved was dedicated to the magic of Bufo, but my own healing took me back to my truth as a Tantra Teacher and needing to have much more time alone than I had before. This wasn’t something my Beloved could process. He wanted me to become trained as a Bufo Shaman, and yet, my journey to the becoming was too detrimental for him to process.

For those of who that are new to your first Bufo Session, or having tried other medicines to work through your shadow self, my only thoughts are go slowly. Be mindful of your journey. Take months or even a year break between sessions. And be mindful of your partner and his or her needs and their journey to their own healing. In the days ahead, our planet will once again become a place of mostly enlightened beings. Those who are not growing will get sick or an accident may happen and they may not stay here on our planet. For those of you who stay, do your personal growth. Seek advice from mentors, coaches, teachers and elders. But don’t be in a hurry. Take your time. Slow down. Watch your breath. Breathe one moment at a time. Do Mindfulness Meditation. Practice Yoga. Get acupuncture. Sweat. Be your own best friend. Follow your heart. And trust your deeper intuition. Don’t let anyone tell you who you are, how to think, how to be or how to live. This life can be the most magical one or the most tragic. The choice is yours. And you are a miracle just for being here!

I wish you all love and a magical journey of life! I am here if you want to talk, need support. And if you want to embark on your healing journey, I am happy to help!

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