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Asttarte's Summer Projects

Now that I've completed writing, editing, and designing the cover page and book of 3 books so far this year, I am working on a few more projects that I am excited about.

Asttarte's Meditation Program

1 of those 3 books is already published - I wanted to get the good, fun and sexy stuff out there first, so The Heart On, Opening the Heart of Your Beloved, is the sexy stuff! Books 2 and 3 are my Grief Books - not so sexy, but there are some very sexy parts inside the book and very radical, bold, direct and true things that more people on your planet are dealing with that like to admit it. I know my 2nd book, Grieving the Shamans Way, will speak to many.

And my 3rd book, Grieving the Shamans Way Handbook, is a guide for anyone going through grief. It is well needed, especially right now with so many who have fallen.

I'm am completing a Meditation Handbook for a Course I am offering. This will be complete soon. I will make the announcement of some trial classes before offering the larger program.

A few other books I am currently writing intermittently are:

  • a book on multiple Sacred Earth Medicines and how they help, what they do, and how they heal.

and a few others I will wait to announce the titles, but they are about:

  • A book for Women, to teach women how to be the dominant with her partner, and assert his presence, honor and the pleasure she deserves.

  • A book for men, to learn how to use his male sacred center as a pathway for enlightenment

  • A book for Couples, a healing modality for Couples to give each other healing

  • A book on a sacred spiritual practice for using the sexual energy to heal the whole self.

Thats 5 new books - working on intermittently - as inspiration calls.

This article came through after a Psychedelic Integration call, and it will go in the book for Sacred Earth Medicines. Here are some of the breakthroughs I got from working with these beautiful medicines of our Earth!

Breakthrough Miracle

I didn’t know that I just wanted to love my heart and heal my heart. I didn’t have strong boundaries. I let whoever come into my energetic space without thinking about how they would affect me. I just let that energy – with no care for myself, fill me all over, and I would keep clearing other people’s karma out of my energy field all the time

It felt yucky. I would need 5 days to a week to cleanse that energy off of me. It was hard to find me inside there. I was covered up with years of other people’s energy. I just had high sexual energy all the time, and gave of service. Now, after my work in many Heart Medicines and Earth Medicines, I got to love the little girl inside me, grieve and cry for her, and say No for the first time for real.

Each time the love of my life went away, I wanted more and more time alone. It was never enough time alone. I knew then I was ready for a soul purging from my recently departed when I needed time alone. He truly helped me heal from my sex life, my childhood, all my old relationships, all the experiences of my life, and then he got sick and died. I couldn’t get to working while he was alive. He had taken on too much of my karma to help me heal, and I needed to be alone to fully purge it out of my system. He wasn’t funny anymore, I saw him differently, and his wish was that he left so he could free me to be me again.

His dream always was to heal me completely and free me completely! And he accomplished about 80% of that! I did all the rest and I’m doing all the rest now.

I got to heal my relationship with my father completely before he died. I was able to forgive him completely for my childhood, and for thinking he was always coming on to me, when he was just a highly sexual man and very funny. I didn’t know any other way how to interpret it. I got to free myself of that interpretation and just love him for exactly who he was. And we would spend hours together a day, many days in a row, and we would share stories and laugh. I realized I enjoyed being with him more than my mother. I realized it wasn’t true what my mom said about him, that he was a sexual pig! He wasn’t. In fact, he was just a sweetheart, very outgoing, vocal, friendly to everyone, and made so many people smile. And yes, he flirted, and he had high sexual energy. But I got him. I understood. And he understood me more than anyone else. He was good man, a gentle man with a loving heart. He was a farmer and a gardener, and he loved animals. He had a love for tomatoes and mushrooms. He loved Celtic music. And he would love to talk about witchy stuff like past lives, ghosts, reincarnation, intuition, and lots of déjà vu’s. I got to spend time with him before he passed away and went to see him for days and days in a row. His passing is because he was lonely in the nursing home. He was always looking for me out the window, and they stopped letting guests in the nursing home, and they even stopping letting us visit at the window. One day he was looking out the window and he lost his balance. They forced him to take psychotic meds because he was getting assertive at the door. He wanted to leave because he wanted to be with his family. But he wasn’t allowed. He lost his balance on the meds he was taking when looking out the window. He was transferred to another hospital, and he didn’t know the nurses there. He stopped talking and then he stopped eating. I wasn’t allowed to visit him. About 2 months later he passed away. But I’m grateful I healed my relationship with him before he even started down this path. We got to have a lot of fun times before he left and a lot of laughter and forgiveness. Between Landmark, Plant Medicine and my partner, I healed this.

I spent many years working on Healing my relationship with my mom, almost my whole adulthood. It felt like it was never going to end. My relationship with my mother has always been the hardest. She’s very wounded, her inner child is still hiding in there, and I had to accept her for who she fully is. And that she might not ever go out of her way to spend time with me or reach out to me anymore, but she did for most of my life. And now that I’ve healed from that madness and it doesn’t bother me anymore, or I’ve figured out a way to dilute the drama, she has shifted her attention to other family members and friends. I will love her forever, but she is who she is.

I will continue sharing more of why I believe Plant Medicine to be the most profound to heal all of you, more than anything else on the planet. It helps people who they are at their core. All of who you are is accepted for exactly who you are. You don’t have to hide. You don’t have to pretend to be anyone else. You get to love yourself profoundly! Make peace with everything in your past! You get to be genuinely you, playful, silly, happy and free!

So my work is of the heart! I can’t go back to who I was before. I can bring pieces of who I was with me, but I will continue to expand and evolve forever! I love me! I love you!


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