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Starting the Healing Path

Starting the Healing Path

Starting the Healing Path

How does one know when it’s time to start healing; when it’s time to start going within? How does one know truly, and what does it take for someone who really needs support and healing to surrender their ego, let go, and ask for help?

It’s been over 20 years since I started my own healing journey, and when I made the decision to seek guidance, and to start my search; it was an inner calling and a trust that there was something so much greater than myself that had the answers. I wanted to learn everything I could get my hands on, and a deeper calling was coming. I surrendered to prayer, and I asked my guidance; and my guardian angels. I let THEM lead my journey, and then my intuition took over.

There are many people who resist the healing they perhaps really need. There might be friends or family members who try to make suggestions, but only you, the “I”, the person who must go within, is the one who can take that leap of faith.

Once someone starts the journey, there is NO going back. You cannot turn off your newfound wisdom and pretend that you are still unaware. You cannot go back to your old habits and drink yourself silly to avoid your feelings. You cannot go numb, once you’ve open the floodgates. It is a long journey once someone starts, but the starting IS the journey, and is part of the process.

When you love someone, deeply, and want to remain in their life, but know their behavior or patterns is either harming them, someone they love, or you, someone must take the leap of faith and tap them on the shoulder. And the only way to help them, is to just keep on tapping. Perhaps with kind words, a gentle listening ear, or a simple offer and gift of a small book to open their eyes. And, never, never abandon them. Never give up on them; no matter how much you want to. Even if you take space from them to protect your own well being, support them from afar. It might be YOU who is the one they will be grateful for one day for your commitment and patience to help them. Of course, you NEVER want to give up yourself in the process, but you just might have been the one person to save someone else. And for that, like is worth living.

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