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Specific Energy Healing Treatments

Specific Energy Healing Treatments

Healing Sessions of Energy Healing

Usui Reiki

This is a very gentle form of reiki. It can be used to heal physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual parts of ourselves. It is a very powerful, yet, subtle shift in our awareness. One must be able to sense energy to feel its power and presence, otherwise, it may feel like nothing is being done at all.

Shamballa Reiki

Shamballa Reiki is a form of reiki that utilizes all the symbols of Usui Reiki, as well as Karuna Reiki, Tera-Mei Seichem Reiki and more. Shamballa Reiki has over 300 symbols that can be accessed and used when a practitioner, and some channeled are often symbols of Shamballa. This energy is like a lightning bolt of fire and goes very deep and creates a feeling of intensity.

Tera-Mei Seichem Reiki

Tera-Mei Seichem is another form of Reiki not often spoken of. It is a highly vibrational form of healing, however, with a very subtle vibration. Tera-Mei Seichem is quite unique since its’ energies are of the elements of our Mother Earth; earth, air, fire, water, and spirit. It helps for grounding, intensifying healing, heals from the root cause, gentle love from a higher source, and assists to manifest your desires.

Kundalini Reiki

Kundalini Reiki is a very safe and gentle way to awaken Kundalini energy. The Kundalini energy is also referred to as ”the Kundalini Fire”. The energy runs up through the body, through the “main energy channel”, and out of the Crown chakra on the top of the head. An open Kundalini means that over a period of time, a complete cleansing of the chakras, the body and the energy channels are open.

IET – Integrative Energy Therapy –

Integrated Energy Therapy Integrated Energy Therapy is a form of healing that uses acupressure and a hand gesture technique to cleanse the physical body and aura of emotional blocks from the present or past. IET cleanses the body internally and externally, using a method to pull the energies out from the body clearing the aura, or energy field with a simple movement of the hand in connection with the acupressure point the practitioner holds. It helps to relax and rejuvenate the individual and gives a feeling of complete lightness after a session. IET is a frequency of energy connected with Angel Ariel or any being the practitioner feels draw to the most, but directly links their heart chakra to the heart chakra of the divine.

Igilli Energy Healing –

Igili Energy Therapy is a light gentle touch energy therapy where one feels relaxed and at peace within. Igili Energy Therapy was incorporated into formal teachings by founder Victoria Pendragon who named the technique in honor of a group of 7 angels from the Pleiades. Igili healing occurs when the practitioner’s energy goes into the body and stays there so that the person can learn why the imbalanced energies started in the first place. In an Igili Healing session, energies are integrated and dissolved within the body, rather than released like other healing systems. Healing energy from Igili supports an individual in a space of loving compassion so that harmful imbalanced energies dissolve over time.

Frequency Balancing –

Frequency Balancing is a treatment modality that focuses on balancing the four main components of the human energy system. (Four of the main components of the human energy system are: Acupuncture/meridian lines, Chi – the energy that runs through the meridian lines, your aura, and the chakras – the energy center that receive and send chi throughout your body). Frequency Balancing is for people who want to come back to balance. During a FB session, I will intuitively scan your body for the blocks, and then use methods of clearing and remove the excess energies that are no longer needed. Frequency Balancing is a method of energy healing where I use my hand as a laser to clear away any stuck energy, as a light coming out of a wand, or an invisible ball of light to create a vortex for cleansing. FB helps people to reduce stress, promote healing, balance emotions, clear a person’s energy meridians and balance the main energy centers of the body (the front and back major chakras).

Axiotonal Alignments

When you receive a Full Body Axiotonal Alignment, you connect to the cosmic lattice, clearing your meridian lines, and balancing your chakras. It helps one to re-establish a connection to your Overself/oversoul bringing “the energy of the future” to you.

Intuitive Healing Sessions – Intuitive Healing Sessions can incorporate any form of healing I offer. These sessions are guided and there is no protocol for what may happen. It is a place where we let go and surrender to what may come!

Fees: $100 to $150 an hour depending on your circumstances!

I am guided in all the work I do. I sometimes use: crystals, colors, incense, healing cards, a pendulum, white sage &/or sweet grass, candles, and soft music. Energy sessions and massage sessions are quite different, although they are often incorporated together, depending on the individual’s wants and needs.

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