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Not Letting Feelings Lead

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

Most of the time, when we are in a relationship, or in any area of life really, our feelings lead the show. When making decisions, we often choose to make a purchase, buy a gift, or even go somewhere social because something touched us, and we felt a connection to it on some level. And, just the same, we may choose not to go somewhere, or stop doing something because something or someone had upset us. Our feelings often are the leading captain of all of our decision making. However, when it comes to a commitment, marriage, or partnership, letting your feelings lead your decision to stay with your partner is often coming from an upset, a trigger, or a decision you made after holding onto an upset and not resolving it.

If you knew you could resolve anything you are dealing with in your relationship and stay with the man or woman you were madly in love with, would you stay with them?

If you knew the frustration, disappointment or hurt you were experiencing with your loved one could get resolved with a little guidance, understanding and a new way of speaking to each other, would this inspire you to stay with them?

If you believed all the resentment you were holding toward your loved one could be resolved, and your loved one could become the man or woman you knew they were from the beginning, would this move your heart to stay with them for the long haul?

We often make the decision to stay or leave a partner based on a feeling of an emotion we don’t want to feel, but how about having your partnership be renewed with love, joy, and peace all over again because you said so!? Because you made the decision to commit to it, and had the tools, and knew what to do to make it amazing all over again?


But not many people know this is so, nor believe it is possible. But this is possible. You can renew and restore your love, stay with the same person you fell in love with or married, and be just as in love with them as you were when you first fell in love.


It does take work. It’s not something that just lands in your lap. You have to do the real work. And, if you’re blaming your partner for being the entire one at fault, you also have your own work to do. You have to look within, and your partner, whether you’re together now or separated, and find the source for what s causing the upset(s). A friend of mine says, “It’s an inside job!” And I’ve been saying well before I even met her, “Healing from the inside out” is the only way to have your external world be a match for what you really want. Your outside is a reflection of your inside, and when it comes to relationships, there are two people who are responsible, and two people who can make a real difference in having it either be amazing, or a failure!


I had a healing practice for over 15 years, and the majority of my clients, were trying to find some escape. They weren’t looking to be open and honest with their wives, and they wanted secrecy, and anonymity. This tore me inside when one after the next couldn’t find the reason to be real with the one they loved the most, and were married to. They were afraid to express their hurts, upsets, or concerns abut the relationship lasting, and instead succumbed to just accept it the way it was, and say nothing. This DOESN’T work. And, I AM NOT COMMITTED TO THIS. I am committed to every man and every woman getting to the core of what is keeping them distant from one another, and resolving this too.


You think this is a dream? Do you think its impossible, and wishful thinking that you or your partner can resolve your triggers, heal your old wounds, and re-train your brain to be healthy and at peace? This IS truly possible. I can teach you how to do this. And, it doesn’t have to take a lifetime to get there. I fell in love with my man again and again, and you can too!

STEP 1: FIND PRODUCTS that will help you to Balance your system, your brain and thinking, your triggers, your hormonal levels, and any anxiety, ptsd, or other brain reactions from stressful conversations.

STEP 2: TRY PRODUCTS you think you need, your doctor recommended, or someone you trust referred you to. Products can include herbal teas, herbal supplements, nutritional items, foods you need more of, (and even tinctures, remedies, flower essences, aromatherapy, detoxing aids).

STEP 3: COMMIT to a regular practice of healthy living, healthy exercise, yoga, meditation, and cuddling when you feel the need to connect or are feeling distant from your Beloved.

STEP 4 : PHYSICAL TOUCH HEALING – If you have old trauma, or wounds, or stress trapped in your body, get healing work that will help you release these trapped energies. This is where I come in, or another wonderful bodyworker or Healer or Shaman you know. You can also request your partner give you healing touch. I little bit can go a long way. And, if you’ve had a long history of trauma to heal from like me, it will take a lot of commitment here to release these energies out of your body, but it can be done. I did it, and I know you can too! Feel free to ask me or Paul from the Practitioners page on this website, or send us a message, or a phone call request. I can be reached on any of the social media links you find through this site too. I am reachable and want to help you. We are all here to help each other!

STEP 4: FIND YOUR BALANCE AND RHYTHM – Once you’ve found your Balance and Rhythm, you’ve got it! You’ve got the Golden Nuggets that will bring you to freedom, peace and joy and harmony!

STEP 5: REPEAT – When something works, stick with it. There are plenty of products out in the marketplace, plenty of gurus and leaders suggesting a new method for healthy living, but when you’ve found something that works, stick with it. You dont want to have to get stuck in a rut, or getting back to your challenges with your relationship by ignoring it and giving up. When you’ve found a system, keep it at close watch, and have reminders of how and why this worked in the first place.

STEP 6: FIND AN ACCOUNTABILITY PARTNER This can be a Coach, a friend, a family member, or even your significant partner, but once you’ve found your accountability partner, check in with him or her on a regular basis and request they ask you if you have stuck to your plan. Sometimes a reminder or someone who has your back is all it takes.

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