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Learning A New Sexual Experience

Learning A New Sexual Experience

Funny, I have made love many times with my Goddess during the past year.  I truly had a point of view that I was not a sexual being. My Goddess has told me on multiple occasions that I am actually the most sexual man she ever met.

The lessons that I’ve learned over the past year were profound and magical. We even waited four-months of living together before we made love. It was a time to build the heart energy day after day before we made the joint decision to actually place myself inside of her. It made for a hardness and wetness experience like never before for each of us.  

When I first had that incredible experience of making love, I can remember that night only that I was Crying while she laid on top of me as I was screaming out loud over and over  “Am I going to die am I going to die?”

The entire year of lovemaking has been the most wild ride ever. Each time knowing I was making love to a real Goddess; a human being can only experience when being taught by the master herself. Many times she was whispering to me “Don’t move hunny. Just feel me.”

Only to discover that my favorite position with my beloved is me laying on my back and having her run the show. I can’t tell you how many times she would ask me “Please don’t move. Let me do all the moving.” I could never understand what she meant. How could I possibly be having a love making session and not moving? It must’ve been the way I was raised that having sex was performing or just doing it anyway without really deeply listening to my partner…let alone a Sex Goddess!

Nine days ago I was placed under the knife by surgeon who performed a total hip replacement. The physical therapist told us  not to have sex until the doctor gave us permission. Most people wait for four weeks.  But here I was eight days into recovery and two hours before leaving the high-end Assisted Living facility I had been recuperating in that I would learn the lesson of a lifetime. We studied the stick drawn diagram of How to make love when a person has just had a hip replacement.  It was most important that I laid on my back and just pointed my toes straight up in the air. That was all that I was to do.

As I laid on my back and my Goddess placed me inside her, I got that lesson she was asking me to be still over the course of the entire year. My Goddesd had expressed to me on multiple occasion to not move. Here, I was told to only keep my toes straight in the air. It was in this incredible moment of laying there and feeling pure bliss did I learn this new lesson of taking direction while making love!

While I was laying on my back and focusing on my toes straight in the air my beloved placed me inside her and the magical gift appeared. When she says “don’t move” that means don’t move, and Wow, did I learn the lesson of laying there and feeling pure bliss.  I lost myself in that love making session; just laying there feeling a much deeper heartfelt connection than ever before.

I now know what it means to be still and “don’t move” and damn it took me having my hip replaced to learn that lesson. I am forever grateful that I met the Goddess of my life, and I can now start to take directions and really understand the magic of just being still while making love.

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