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How to Continue to Love

How to Continue to Love

How to Continue to Love for Couples Over Time

How do you continue the love between lovers after the biological hormones go away? Most couples have a honeymoon period, or what they call NRE, New Relationship Energy period of time in their relationship. It can last between a few weeks, months or years depending on the level and degree, power and strength in a relationship, chemistry, desire for commitment and ultimately how much each couple truly wants to grow and heal together. As a general rule, two people come together to work out certain lessons, karmas and patterns in their path. They come together to test the depths of love they are capable of giving and receiving. They become co-creators and partners in transformation and enlightenment, and many decide to leave a partner as soon as one issue arises. Others can handle the healing process longer, and for other, like my beloved and I, our destiny has been to heal every and all patterns of imbalances in ourselves and in each other.

I wrote a short story about Radha and Krishna for my book and how the two Divine Beings, like Shiva and Shakti, God and Goddess were true Gods meant to be powerhouses in removing ALL darkness in each other. I consider myself more like Kali or Isis and my Beloved Osiris or Shiva, where we have melted our shadows and darkness so deep that we have become one. How is this possible? How do two people handle transforming at such depths? How does a couple support each other through this process? And do people really do this? Go to that intense of depth that they actually come out fully transformed in the other?

Supporting each other takes two VERY powerful people who are already severely transformed. They must be ready to go that much deeper. And, it often is those with that much of a challenge where they were so wounded, so damaged, that they had no choice but to face their inner demons and shadows in order to find true and lasting love. Many people wound shun the notion of having to work so hard in healing their inner selves. They would rather the path of having love be an easy journey, much less a struggle until their discovered who they really were.

In order to continue the love a couple has from the beginning, it takes bravery of a tiger and lioness, and the intensity and grasp of a scorpion to see through to the other side. Both equally must be a demand and powerhouse to not just request for their true love to meet them where they need to be met, but equally willing to surrender their deepest hearts to the one they love the most. To be that bold, that brave and that courageous to not only surrender, but also give, and melt to the other, and continue to be a stand for what they each know to be their Beloveds’ best qualities and see them as whole and complete and know what each are capable of.

In spite of all the resistance, anger, fear, and insecurities each has in going on this journey, in order to keep the powerful love from the beginning, they both must have the ultimate most respect, honor, trust and commitment in the other that they will support each other to come out as a powerful whole and transformed human being! In that, the love remains. In that, they will have found their equal, their match, and the lover and the beloved will be their dream partner that will always remain by their side!

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