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Healing Your Dark Shadow

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

This in reality is the truth of who you are. Your good sides start to fade and the real you shows up! Your real triggers, your real traumas, your real fears, patterns, insecurities and deep emotions that have been there since a child, or at some point in the past; something that has not be fully dealt with, something deep within. Many people choose to run away from this you! They see your other half and partner as their enemy or cruel and dark. But really, your partner is just your mirror. They are the real you giving you exactly who you are. They show up as your greatest fears and emotions of what you in fact need to heal.

Many people deny this. They don’t want to look in the mirror at this part of themselves, at any of these parts. They much prefer to avoid them, dismiss them, reject them, hide from them and pretend they don’t exist or that it is the other persons issues or the other persons problem. “I want nothing to do with that!” “I deserve to be treated better!” But really you both are showing each other your dark sides, your dark shadows and have come together to be each other’s Healers, for however long you choose to be.

So many people avoid these dark shadows, even powerful professional people. They don’t want to destroy their image and facade of good behavior and professionalism and dismiss the opportunity to go deeper within and be an authentic being because of this. They fear for their image and reputation. They prefer to keep the status quo and be consistent and stable, rather than stir up emotions from the past. Their fear of others judgments, but really their judgments of themself controls the ability to heal within.

For the past 2 years I’ve been working on the Dark Shadow. Until you work on the final shadows of your relationship with your mother and father, your heart won’t be fully open to receive and give a true heart connection. Your mans patience makes all the difference. He must be madly in love with you. Without his full commitment, the woman won’t have the chance to heal at her core her deep shadow. Healing the dark shadow is the biggest commitment to having true love, and so is the commitment between each partner, her willingness to go within, and his willingness to help her.

If the man also has not done his shadow work, then both partners will need to do this work. However, if he has done most of this work, than his support, willingness to support her, and stand for nothing but her greatness and power will only show up as reality.

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