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Healing Woman to Woman

Updated: May 9, 2022

After taking two years off from my tantra practice with mostly men, its so magical to be helping women now who truly need the healing, and want it. A beautiful petite woman has been coming to see me for some time, and having such a cathartic connection of a similar background of childhoods, I can relate and be empathetic in what she needs. We usually doing EFT tapping on specific beliefs that are blocking her from having the close intimacy with her husband, but this time she requested we try and rise her kundalini energy with some breathwork techniques, do a self love practice of loving her breasts, and some deep acupressure to release emotions trapped in the area around her pubic bone and groin.

I encouraged her to please make sounds if she feels the energy, heat or burning, an energy running down her legs or pain in the specific point. After some explaining on how important this is, and getting her embarrassment and fear in making sounds, she finally let herself make some sounds. It started with sighs and deep breathing and eventually moved to screaming. She was able to stay with the energy and follow it noticing the subtle changes as the intensity lessened over time. Tears did not come from the acupressure yet, but they did come when she allowed herself to love her breasts. It was beautiful to watch and witness. I am truly grateful for the gift and opportunity to help her.

Most therapists will make suggestions of doing these practices with their husbands or give their patients homework assignments to do at home. But she acknowledged that she isn’t able to get in touch with the emotions when she is alone, and only when she comes to see me, so I felt it was super important she start this process with me so she can understand and have a context for when she does do the practice later at home alone or with her husband. It warmed my heart to see her surrender and become vulnerable in my presence.

I can see how we only attract others with whom have similar healing challenges to work on, or helping others to the degree we have helped ourselves. My Beloved has been doing such profound healing on me as his significant other, and in giving to each other, I have a better context, appreciation and love for helping women without the fear I had in helping them before. In doing such deep healing on my own mother these past two years, and letting go more and more of my own pain of her mental torture, I am slowly opening my heart more and more to women and now love being there for them in whatever way they need, as I needed this so deeply myself.

I have begun the process of grief work of my own mother, of accepting my past for what it was, grieving the loss of trust I had for my parents from a young age, and in time will let them go completely, and be reborn as a new woman, fully integrated and being a true Healer for women, their husbands and men who desire authentic growth and healing.

More to come!!!

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