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Assorted Crystals

Energy Healing
Level 1

Energy Healing to address anything you are dealing with.

These sessions help with stress, anxiety, spiritual or physical pain.

Asttarte can help assist you in releasing unresolved trauma, grief, soul retrieval, auric damage, psychic imprints, unresolved issues from past lives, boundary damage and repair, Chakra Healing and Kundalini blockages, sexual repression, and untangling cord attachments to unhealthy relationships or mending chaotic energies with current relationships. 

She will work on helping to clear any energy in your entire system (spiritual, emotional, and physical) and help to clear it from its roots. Her work is core work, getting to the source of the problem, dilemma or stressor.  

When you receive an Energy Healing Session from Asttarte, she will pull from her extensive background of energy healing training.  

Asttarte will pull from her training and experience in IET, Igili Energy Healing, Frequency Balancing Healing, Matrix Work, DNA Activations, Axiotonal Alignments, Usui Reiki, Shamballa Reiki, Tera-Mei Seichem Reiki, Kundalini Reiki, Lotus Light Reiki, Tantra Practitioner and Teacher Trainings, and bring to you exactly what you need. 

If you have an extreme amount of physical pain, she can also address these issues with her background in Bodywork training as well. (Jin Shin Do Bodymind Acupressure, 5-Element Shiatsu Massage, Zen Shiatsu, Thai Massage, Yoga and more).


Somatic Stress Release Therapy also has practices in bodywork. but most of the time these issues can be resolved with the Energy work she offers.

For new people or beginners visiting here, check out Asttarte's Vibrational Energy Healing, Health & Detoxing, Life Coaching, Massage and Yoga site at:

Past Life Healing
Chakra Healing
Somatic Stress Release Therapy - Level 1 Sessions


Healing Stress and Trauma in the Body!

Bringing voice to what has been silenced.

and movement to what has become stagnant.

and ease to what has been stressful

Expanding, Enlivening, Enriching, feeling peace, Bliss in the body and love for self again!


Gentle Energy Work, Meditation, Bodywork and Movement for your whole self!


Somatic Stress Release Therapy helps with healing to release, stress, anxiety, trauma, pain and more. 


Techniques like Titration, Pendulation, Resourcing, Grounding, Boundary Restoration, working with stress responses, and the Stress Response Cycle, Internal Dialogues, Activations, Real or imagined threats, Mobilizations, and more!


This is a Journey of Discovery!

NOTE: Sometimes SSRT can turn into a hands on Energy Healing Session, Tantra, Bodywork, Meditation or Breathwork. 






Breathwork Core Healing - Level 1 Sessions

Sexual Empowerment Breathwork is an energizing and empowering Breathwork to remove sexual blocks, balance hormones, relieve anxiety, feel energized, awaken kundalini and let go of stress.
Inner Child Breathwork 
Your inner child is inside of you, and sometimes it just needs to come out to be expressed, heard and brought to life. In doing so, you get a chance to fully be you, free, loved & filled with joy.
Breathwork for Grief - Breathwork for Grief helps to assist and process from a recent loved one's passing, process the acceptance of a relationship ending, the change in lifestyle, or the acceptance of something new coming in. Grief comes in many forms and Breathwork has a profound impact on supporting the whole person.
Healing Trauma Breathwork - Breathwork for Trauma
Most people have had some sort of trauma, subtle or deeply. Breathwork for trauma helps release, let go & empower you.
Ancestry Breathwork - Ancestry Breathwork is to help work through family patterns and issues with your ancestry, those who are still alive, or those who have passed long before you. We all still carry imprints from our ancestors and sometimes not in the way that supports us. Breathwork for addressing family patterns and your history will help to unravel the core of where you came from, heal your ancestry line and find yourself in power and creating life newly from having let go of the past. 
Awakening Consciousness for your whole self with your breath.
Breathwork Sessions combining intention, gentle grounding meditation, clarity on what you want to let go of & what you want to create can help assist you in being the true you and creating the life you truly deserve. Schedule a Breathwork Session with Asttarte no matter what you are walking in with.
Surrender and relax to the music and guided Breathwork session to release stored trauma, grief, suppressed emotions and stress in the body. Sometimes we may access emotions from early childhood and sometimes from adult life. This work is very powerful and helps unravel the layers so you can be your best you!
Sessions are available in person and via zoom!

Alternative Therapy
Reiki & Healing Sessions - Level 1 Sessions


Experience a hands on or remote reiki session to completely purify your energy, open up to your passion, sexuality, heal you, nurture you, and relax you at the deepest parts of yourself. ​


Does your energy feel cloudy? Are you feeling stressed, sadness or in pain? Energy Healing can help clear the energy that is in the way to experiencing joy, peace and bliss.


This is a great practice to receive to heal anxiety and stress, to heal deep emotional and physical symptoms, and to relax deep into the body. ​It will allow you to have deeper sleep, to calm your mind, and ease your stress.


Reiki will help you feel connected, protected and wrapped in the arms of the Divine Mother. You may feel held by the Divine Mother that feels safe and connected to your heart.
Sessions also available on the phone through remote healing. The purpose is to clear blocks to experience peace, bliss, love, spiritual connection, joy and pleasure in the body!

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