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Tantra for the Soul

Tantra Shamanic Soul Coaching is Asttarte's specialty. You will learn practices for your well being, sexuality, health, emotions that are blocked, breathwork for your intimacy, sexuality, passion or sexual traumas, heal your soul connection to lost or new lovers and more. Sessions available over zoom or in person.

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Tantra Shamanic Soul Coaching


Tantra Shamanic Soul Coaching incorporate Tantra Yoga, Health, and helps heal the inner child, grief, unhealthy attachments, Couples & Relationship issues, a guarded Heart Chakra, clearing soul parts, Sexual Shame, Kundalini activations and awakening and so much more!

Some Tantra practices Offered:

Intimacy Healing


Breathwork for Sexuality

Kundalini Activation

Tantra Reiki

Healing Soul Parts

Sexuality and Grief Healing

Acupressure for Sexual Blocks

Self Love practices

Somatic Stress Release Therapy for sexual blocks

Tantra Reiki & Somatic Massage 

and more!

Tantra Coaching combines and can address anything from this site.


Semicircle of Crystals

Love, Intimacy, Sex & Tantra Holistic Health & Wellness Coaching


Love, Intimacy, Sex & Tantra Holistic Health & Wellness Sessions incorporate any of the other services listed here, in addition to practices that will help and assist with self love, opening of the energy body, kundalini activation, grief healing, codependency recovery, Embodied Feminine and the Divine Masculine, Breathwork for healing sexual trauma, repression, and igniting passion again and more. 


Tantra Holistic Sessions can be done as a single or in a Couple. Singles Sessions intention is to experience a deeper sense of self love. Sessions for couples will incorporate practices to help the couple work through issues together, and work on practices to bring the relationship closer than before and experience a deep profound love.


These Sessions are not for erotic fulfillment or fantasies. 


If you know you have a sex and/or love addiction and want to heal this, we will take a look at some of the history and patterns and work on practices to help remove stuck energy in the lower chakras, and the emotions that are trapped there. I have a book I wrote I may suggest for homework. 


Over time as we work together, I may suggest a Shamanic Healing to heal deeper aspects of the soul and psyche. This will be offered at the appropriate time. Integration Services would be offered as well, which includes Reiki, Breathwork, Bodywork, Somatic Stress Release Therapy, Meditation Sessions and Coaching. 


Tantra Sessions are for love - to feel a deeper sense of love for the self and for others!


Sessions can are offered over zoom! After 3 Sessions, sessions are available in person.


Tantra Sessions have a thorough screening process. A phone interview appointment is required prior to scheduling. Please inquire for the screening process. 


Suggested Package Plans for these Sessions: 3 Month Getting Started package, 6 month Going Deeper Package and 10 month Transformation Package minimum for full benefits! Package Plans on average are 2 hour Sessions every 2 weeks. 

All Sessions are offered in person, over zoom or in a Group Session.

Contact if this is you

I'm looking to experience a profound relationship with myself, grew as a person, have a deeper experience of self love and heal parts of myself unknown.


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