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Our Clients Say

Winter lake
“In the Somatic Stress Release Therapy Session with Asttarte today, I experienced a holding space of complete acceptance, safety, spaciousness, and allowing my body and psyche to go wherever it needed to go, and express whatever it needed to express. And no pressure to do anything it didn't want to do. Asttarte held enormous unconditional acceptance, love and warmth. It was a wonderful experience. It allowed my body and mind to stretch, unravel, open up, and expand in ways it hasn't previously. Thank you so much!”

Leonard Rosenbaum Cancer Specialist & Reiki Master


Profound love for self

Inner Harmony

Letting go of stress

Rekindle passion

Discover peace with the past

Be genuine to what matters to you

Newfound joy!

Awaken Bliss

Freedom to be yourself

Be vulnerable with your partner
Spiritual purification 

Deep relaxation

Expansion in your heart

Closer connection with your partner


Raise your vibration

Renew your soul and body!



Breathwork for an empowering life, a blissful experience, to release stress, awaken sexual blocks, to let go of grief, for empowerment and to be fully free.

"The best way to free yourself is to breathe into the parts that are stuck." Asttarte

Transformation of your Whole Self & Self Love

Private Sessions in person or zoom
Sound Healing


Opening the books...

Listen to Spiritual discussions, Healing Meditations and conversations on practices to awaken, spiritual readings on Asttarte, couples issues - facing your shadow and hidden self, sexual struggles, intimacy, and love. 

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Is this your first time attending a Course with Asttarte?

I help people Integrate, process and ground after their deep dive with Plant Medicine or Psychedelic experience. Helping people heal their hearts and souls after a major loss of a loved one, Helping Women access their personal and sexual power and full self expression, Supporting Couples to fall in love over and over again or find peace, helping people with health and harmony, gain a better nights sleep, I help people experience Tantric self-love and acceptance, Expand Bliss and more. 

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