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Best Friends


Women's Body Awaken & Self Love Coaching

Women innately know who they are what they need. They are born with a natural inner wisdom and inner knowing, but along the way it can get lost and forgotten. Certain stressors or significant events can throw women off course. Women are already Goddesses; sometimes they just need a reminder. 


If you are a woman you already have a feminine power inside of you. Your work here is to regain access to it, and re-discover the truth of who you are and your own knowing of yourself. found yourself here, there is a reason.


Asttarte has been an Intuitive Healer, Reiki Healer, Tantra Teacher, Life Coach, Yoga Teacher, and Massage Therapist for over 25 years. Now, as a Shamaness, Dakini, and Healer, she works with women and merges all her 25 years of skills and offers Breathwork, Somatic Stress Release Therapy, Tantra, Coaching and Healing for trauma, grief, core issues, energy clearing, and helping you bring the power from your womb and heart center to live the life you deserve. 

Are you going through female life changes, a health crisis related to you as a woman, a re-awakening of you as a Goddess, sexual repression, or are in a relationship that is challanging your power?


Whatever your needs are, you as a Goddess deserve to have it all and be free to be yourself.

For Private Sessions, click Below. for Women's Retreats, please ask!

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