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Loving Couple

Couples Coaching

Couples Coaching is specific for Couples to work on issues they need support in. We will address the current issues, long term patterns and practices that can be used to support your growth together and separately! It is not required to have sessions together every time for Couples Coaching, but it is helpful to come together as often as comfortable.

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Sessions for Couples


Some practices for Couples Offered:

Breathwork for Couples

Couples Coaching practices - Imago techniques, Communication practices

Tantra Coaching for Couples 

Advanced Couples Practices:

Tantra Intimacy Connecting Practices

Tantra Couples Massage Training 

Couples who grow together, stay together!


Couples Coaching is one of Asttarte's greatest offerings.

Meeting your partner where he or she is at, is one of the greatest ways love can be restored, healed and expanded. 

See also the blog post: Psilocybin and Couples Healing

Contact if this is you

I'm looking to transform my relationship with my partner and have more love, intimacy and connection. 


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