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Have you been waiting for Asttarte to offer a Practitioner Training? Have you been a client for years and would like to start your own practice? Do you consider yourself an advanced spiritual seeker, and you'd like to become a Practitioner yourself? Now is your time!

Looking for one Transformed Human Being Interested in Being a Student

to my New Course for Healing the Soul, one’s Energy and their Body!



Do you want to be a Practitioner of the Healing Arts?


Do you want to enlighten others to their greatness?


Do you want to be an inspiration to help clients and work through their pains, issues, and blockages?


Do you want to inspire others with their breath, their energy, and their body?


Do you want to become recognized as a Practitioner, Healer, or Facilitator out in the World?


Do you want to help people with their sexual issues, blocks, or traumas?


Do you want to empower people to experience bliss, joy, and pleasure?


Have you been practicing meditation for a long time and want to enhance your experience by teaching Meditation to others?


Do you want to learn how to be a Tantra Practitioner in a safe, professional way that will heal and empower others?


Do you want to learn how to give hands on healing sessions to your Beloved to help them work through their own blockages and awaken them to more bliss and pleasure than they’ve ever experienced before?


Do you want to join my Team and learn methods directly from Asttarte who’s been a Practitioner for over 25 years?


Do you want to start your own healing practice and help many clients?


Now is your chance! 


Train with Asttarte in person, and over zoom and receive Certification.


Use Asttarte’s books as manuals and guides to your training.


Complete Asttarte’s Online Training Course and learn foundational skills to be a practitioner yourself. 

For More Information or to Sign up Click Here

I'm Interested in Joining the Tantra Practitioner
and Holistic Healer Training

Attend from your own home or in person!

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