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Winter Nourishment

Winter Nourishment

As the days grow thicker and colder, it is much more desirable to stay indoors than go out. Although some like the cold weather and find themselves doing sports no matter what.

Keep your hands warm and your heart warmer. Find something you love to do, and make that your passion for the winter. Even if your favorite thing is snuggling up next to your beloved and watching movies all the time, be sure to keep those senses fulfilled!

A nice cup of cocoa, or tea or coffee, a warm fireplace (or candles if you’re in an apartment), a snuggly blanket, a book or a movie and a friend, and you’ve got yourself on your way to snuggle heaven!

I love watching families walk to their cars, or a stranger holding a door, or even lovers give each warm embraced hugs. This time of year just make me think of lovers and families spending their precious moments together in laughter, fun and play! It is a time of togetherness, making memories and being with loved ones!

I wish for you much laughter, warmth and play with all those you love!

Love to All during this cold winter season!

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