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Psilocybin and Couples Healing

Updated: May 21

Psilocybin and Couples Healing

Psilocybin and Couples Healing - As the eyes of a Tantra Teacher, when it comes to psilocybin, the sexiness does not lie! This profound magical medicine has enormous benefits in mental health, anxiety, and grief. However, there is one thing not talked about too often. When one does NOT have to work through these deep emotions or let’s say that they've processed them already in deep journey space. 

Let’s say you want to have a deeper, more profound, and intimate relationship with your partner, husband, or wife. Perhaps you've tried Couples Therapy, or you've tried Marriage Counseling, and you just want to have a juicy sexy experience with the one you care for the most. Going the erotic route doesn’t cut it. Its superficial. It’s very entertaining, but you want something deeper, more meaningful and connected to your heart. Doing a private one on one Session with a Shamanic Facilitator, Sacred Medicine Sitter, or if you are a novice, on your own, can be the trigger to bring that sexiness back alive!

The first few sessions of partaking in psilocybin with your Beloved will be very emotional. You can have all the experience with yourself all you want. However, when you do it with another as a witness, and in particular someone you have a deep intimate relationship with, all your vulnerabilities and everything you've been protecting and hiding from will come to the surface. There's no hiding anymore. Whatever you've been pretending doesn’t bother you, will be revealed and spoken out loud. If you've been afraid to get close to your partner, you'll have a chance to let that go. If you've been holding onto resentment or anger about something, your partner will know. He or she will be there with you, and if you are angry with them, you'll have a chance to release it and work through it and come back together with more profound forgiveness and love than ever before. 

In the case of anger, it is often better to have a guide to help you work through these feelings (unless of course if your partner is also a Healer and Shamanic Facilitator him/or herself). If you know how to process anger, and have knowledge of anger release techniques, going into another room would be the best choice for this, and practice those techniques.  

When all heavy emotions that have been ignored, controlled, and suppressed are processed and released, what’s left is bliss and love! When bliss and love is present, all you want to do is make love with your partner. There’s nothing left is there? We’re all human beings that want and desire love and connection, and many times when there’s nothing in the way of that love and connection, all couples ultimately will want to do is make love!


One Warning: If you are newly involved with someone and choose to do a deep medicine journey with this person and they are not as processed as you are, as experienced or secure in themselves or secure in the relationship, it is best to wait to do a deep medicine journey with this person. Build the foundation first. Anchor the relationship with trust, love, and safety, and when the time is right our dear mushroom earth medicine friends will always be there!


If the relationship is established, and you are ready to go on a deep journey of repairing or transforming the relationship to bliss and sexiness, I highly recommend this path. If you have any questions, or want support, I am happy to talk!



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