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How Bufo Can be Used for Healing

After working with this medicine since January of 2019, I can say there are some ways of working with this medicine for healing. However, perhaps not in the way other medicines are used. During a Journey of Ayauasca, one will go deep into healing one major trauma, memory or experience. It may be a chance to get complete with one specific event, for example. Or, one specific relationship. Or work on aspects of that relationship. Ie. your mother or father.

With Bufo, often the healing doesn't happen while you partake the medicine. During your short 20 minute to one hour Journey, you go to the other side, as they say. You get a chance to perhaps meet God, your version of God, whatever that is for you, or go to a place of equal Divinity. You meet your soul, and get a glimpse of remembering who you are. Now, in a way, its a temporary fantasy, and an illusion of a reality that takes you beyond the grave. With Bufo, its not about meeting a relative on the other side or having a deep soul emotional cleansing during their "trip". You may have profound insights, and awarenesses, and even go into a deep philosophical or metaphysical speaking, speaking in tongue or higher wisdom knowledge that just starts coming through you. These are great portals for spiritual connection, and you certainly do feel a deeper connection to your soul than perhaps any other medicine. In a sense, you become one with your soul, and remember your truth, your power, and your clarity as an individual. You remember that you as an individual are an incredibly powerful human being. And during your experience, it feels like complete Bliss and Oneness with Source. And, these are the reasons people come back to this medicine.

However, during your experience, is NOT, when the healing happens. You don't get a huge aha or emotional soul purging while you go to your Bufo Facilitator, and partake your toad venom. You may get a taste of it, but the true healing happens AFTER your experience, not during.

So, How do you heal After Your experience with Bufo, and How can it be used for healing?

This is the big question for everyone considering this medicine, and everyone who has received it. Now, I'd like to say that this medicine feels ancient. These toads have been around for a very long time. And, my intuition is that some Enlightened beings from thousands of years ago, used Bufo to assist in their enlightenment. I could be wrong, but this is a feeling I had when I first experienced it. However, the best way to work with Bufo is to see it as a powerful energy cleanser, #1. It clears your entire energy body, physical body, and cleanses you in a way no Energy Healer or Meditation can. It cleanses you at your core. Its as if it sees you sitting in the vortex and Axiotonal grid lines of the planet, and cleanses out all imbalances so you can sit peacefully in this grid and energy lines of the Earth. It helps assist or bring awareness to all dark energies that do not belong.

However, when you come out of your experience, you continue to go through what they call, re-activations. This happens during sleep, if you take Melatonin, if you get acupuncture, if you practice Kundalini Yoga, or Kundalini Meditation, other types of Yoga and Meditations, and perhaps other situations as well. Some activities re-trigger the medicine in your system to activate again. If you do not want this to happen, then don't do or use any of the methods I mentioned in this paragraph. However, they are very healing and supportive to come back to your center. Sweating, sweat lodges, steam rooms and saunas are also incredibly helpful. Sweating helps with anxiety, and to break down armoring for grief and any emotions that need to come up to be released. Acupuncture is an incredible practice for releasing the dormant, or less dormant energies and feelings that the Bufo triggers to come to the surface. In this way, it can be incredibly healing and supportive.

After Bufo, you may notice that it brings to the surface a family mental illness, or a family pattern that has been going on for generations that is perhaps toxic or very unhealthy. When this happens, therapy is pretty crucial to help assist in releasing of these old feelings and memories, and perhaps even emotions that you've felt are not yours but that have been passed down from your ancestors.

Why then, is Bufo used as a tool to heal, if it just activates old dark energies and mental imbalances?

Well, we certainly don't want to pass down these old energies or mental imbalances to our children and the next generation. And, we don't want to keep repeating patterns in our lives that lead to the same results. Ie. toxic or unhealthy relationships, patterns of suffering, keeping our feelings hidden inside and feeling all powerful with a big ego without accessing what's within, addictions that some try to stop but keep coming back to, trying to rescue or save people, getting entangled with unhealthy people, etc, etc.

Some people have strong drug, alcohol or sex addictions. They live in a fantasy they can handle it. Some people have a high need for power and authority and like to dominate the world with control, and don't know they do this until they experience Bufo. Some people live with an extreme amount of fear, and underneath it is an extreme amount of sadness. Sometimes they have tried many things over many years and still were unable to access these deep emotions until they did Bufo. Some people have so much armoring of protection that no matter what they do, nothing works until they come to Bufo.

In a sense, Bufo clears the blocks that are in the way to accessing what needs to be healed. Bufo does not heal it. Bufo is the teacher. It teaches you what you need to know, or learn, or re-learn. It is a remembering of who you are. Sometimes this remembering goes back to your birth, as this innocent pure being of light. Sometimes the remembering was from a time when you were pure love, pure light, or pure joy. Bufo will teach you what you need to know, and it is up to you, to take the steps of action to move toward the goal or destiny and dream you desire.

This is how Bufo can be a Healer. Don't be mad at it. It's your Teacher. It shows you who you are, and what you need to know. Sometimes, we don't want to see the truth. The truth can be scary. But, the truth also can set us free!

All my Love,



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