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Covid Trapped and Marriage

It’s been a year since we’ve all been caught in the Covid Quarantine. There’s been songs made about it. People have been forced to move. People have been forced to change their work. And many Marriages have fallen apart.

For those of you in a serious relationship, are you living together, but unhappy. Are you still married but separated and on the verge of divorce? Do you truly want to stay separated or is there a part of you that wants to work out the issues that have caused your hearts to break, your ties to be broken, or the conflicts to find a means to end.

Most couples don’t have tools to work out their issues. Most know how to get close from the beginning. They know the passion of tantra and how to arouse each other, but they don’t truly know how to stay close after the passion is gone. As a practicing Tantra Dakini who has transformed to being in a long term committed monogamous relationship, I can tell you that it is truly possible to work out your struggles, stay committed and fall in love with the same person over and over agin.

I am now working with Women and Couples to get their hearts thriving again, and the bliss energy through their hearts, and not just activating their kundalini through their bodies. Love comes in many forms, and in order to have true and long lasting love, most people have to work through their difficulties that keeps them from staying close. Falling in love is easy. The honeymoon phase is easy, but after that first year, after that second year, after that third year and fourth year together, that’s when things get tricky.

If you don’t have tools to empower your relationship, to bring its fire back, to communicate with your partner that actually solves conflicts and brings you closer, or even to give each other gentle love and healing, I have the answer for you.

“Doing tantra is easy. It’s doing relationship that’s hard!” I can help! Asttarte

Check out my site for women for women to take a stand and take charge of their relationship, their power, passion and sexuality.

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