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5 Tips to Creating the Life You Deserve

A pretty cool lady wrote this!

“Creating the life you deserve begins with the restlessness that leads to a desire for change. This desire can be a feeling that you want to shift in one area or many areas of your life. It shows up as a feeling of unease and general fatigue that infuses your entire body.

You have an inalienable right to have the life you deserve. This means that you get to use all of your skills and talents to achieve a life of elegance, beauty and richness. There is nothing wrong with wanting to have the life of your dreams.

Now you’re wondering, How long will this take? The reality is that it will take as long or as little time as needed. Remember, there is no magic formula and this is a journey. When you feel as if you can not go on, see yourself in your new future and imagine the joy you feel.

Creating your desired life requires conscious living-being self-aware. Patterns, beliefs and strategies developed over a long period of time become habits. They have settled into your subconscious and are there to help you automatically. Deciding to live consciously requires paying attention to and adjusting automatic behavior.

Ready for some specific insights for creating the life you deserve? Here are five keys for creating your desired future.

1. Live on purpose. Using silence and planned mediation, allow your life purpose to wonderfully unfold before you. Discover the activities that make your heart sing. Engage joyfully in these activities.

2. Act boldly. When ideas come to you, act boldly upon them. Being a shrinking violet will hold you in your current status. Pursue lofty goals and take on challenges that you would have previously avoided.

3. Have positive expectancy. Expect your desired life. Choose your thoughts, reshape your beliefs. Visualize your desired future.

4. Take total responsibility for your life. You choose your emotions and your response. Are you blaming someone else or accepting responsibility for your life.

5. Practice gratitude. Be thankful NOW! A fundamental law of the Universe is to be grateful in all things.

Creating the life you desire is easier than you think living consciously. Conscious living requires that you take time for yourself, be self-aware and choose the life you want.”

Whenever you are ready to experience greatness in your life go to to schedule a free strategy session that’s guaranteed to give you at least one nugget that you can use.

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