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Past Life Healing

Past Life Healing

Energy Healing with Past Life Healing will be an Intuitive Energy Healing Session combining laying on of hands energy healing, or remote healing via zoom, where we will discover a past life experience related to this current lifetime. Often we will uncover past life experiences that have karmically rolled into this lifetime that have been unresolved or incomplete from other lifetimes. 

We may discover a positive happy experience from another time that was long forgotten and was an important part of your souls journey. These memories that awaken from your Session may bring to the surface emotions that have not been processed. We may also discover challenging memories that had pain, trauma or turmoil associated with it. You will be supported to process these hidden memories from another time in your session. 

We may also do energy clearing, disconnect and release if there is guilt, if you did something harmful, or someone harmed you, and work towards forgiveness. Sometimes we may discover an accident and you will gain clarity of why you have certain phobias or allergies to certain things. 

Symbols may surface, colors, specific locations on the planet (ie specific town, cities or countries), and a specific class, time period, if you were wealthy or poor, educated or not, a leader or a servant, and so on. You may get a sense of your artistic nature or if you were more analytical or a business person.

Whatever specific memories become revealed will bring you wisdom to who you were, what was important to you, and the journey of your personal growth and evolution today.

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