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Conscious Connected Breathwork has the components of Rebirthing and Holotropic Breathwork in one, combined with the added touch of a supportive presence, music catered to your needs and goals, and a chance to set the tone to whatever you want to let go of. 


Surrender and relax to the music and guided Breathwork session to release stored trauma, grief, suppressed emotions and stress in the body. Sometimes we may access emotions from early childhood and sometimes from adult life. This work is very powerful and helps unravel the layers so you can be your best you!


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Thank you

Transformation of your Whole Self & Self Love


Asttarte helps Women to expand and experience deep self love, be fully free in their bodies and be who they truly are. She helps Couples have deeper emotional, spiritual and sexual intimacy than they ever experienced before. And men to experience soul love, awakening and the truth of who they are.

My purpose is to share and experience joy, love and bliss!

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