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The Power of Prayer – A Universal Practice

Whether you’re a Sufi, or a Seek, a Muslim, a Hindu, a Witch, a Buddha, a Shaman or a Christian, or something else, there IS power in prayer, no matter what your faith is.

Prayer is a practice that has power no matter what style someone is praying, or what tool they are using to pray, prayer in itself doesn’t require a religion, nor a tool to utilize while doing it. However, there is significance for some, to acquire a tool like prayer beads or mala beads, or candles or something else, to allow someone to have a focus in which to place their mind on the intention at hand. However, INTENTION, is all someone really needs. Anyone can be intentional, and it doesn’t require any specific prayer to a certain God, or angel or God or other in order to put focus on what someone wants, needs or is praying about.

Prayer in itself is magical. It can allow someone to have faith in an outcome, a belief to make something possible, and allows a shift in their energy to instead be about fear or failure, to instead be about trust, faith, acceptance and allowance.

Prayer puts your intention out into the universe and opens and expands your energy to let go of the desire and put it into the energy of the world. Prayer shifts your consciousness and surrenders your will into the world and the energy you are putting out their has more space to return back to you. When you keep your prayer inside, stay silent and hold the energy internally, you are leaving the prayer up to your own source; rather than allowing the WHOLE universe to help and assist you. The energy of the universe is ENORMOUS! Why not let the whole energy of the world assist you in your dreams!

No matter your faith, prayer creates miracles! And magic certainly DOES happen!

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