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Tantra, Menopause and Hormones

Women feeling happy and hormonally balanced

I was giving a Tantra Session earlier today, to assist in healing the inner child, self-love, working on shame and removing blocked emotions trapped in the root (sex) center, up and out. This alone was phenomenal, and I decided to write an article related to the topic in my document The Love Cock, originally taken from my 2nd book, The Heart On, Opening the Heart of Your Beloved. However, in the process, of assisting this sweet individual, I also did the exercises and practices of working with the Tantric Orgasmic Breathing, activating the Kundalini, and allowing the energy to rise, move up and down the spinal column.

As I gave, and was of service, I practiced the exercises, in order to continue to teach and lead by example. In the process, I tapped into my own bliss energy, and kundalini, and felt a presence of self-love, peace, and harmony within. After the Session was over, I had a distinct awareness and memory of doing my Tantra Exercises every day, for many years. And a memory of how that caused complete peace, bliss, and joy on a mostly daily and regular basis.

Now that I have reached the age of Menopause, or Peri-Menopause, where the chemicals and hormones in the body can change, rise, and diminish with this cycle of life. The chemicals of the brain go in disarray, and as a Yogi, Tantrica, Holistic Healer and Meditator most of my life, I am aware of the changes that happen day by day, for no apparent reason at all. With the Orgasmic Breathing, it gives the body a chance to rebalance to its natural and blissful state. The chemicals of the brain balance and the body feels more in harmony with itself.

This also impacts women at all stages of their gestation, from their first period, until the end of their life. However, it affects women even more significantly during the time from their early 30s into their mid 50s. This is a time when their hormones are adjusting even greater. In their early 30s their bodies are craving a child, and to birth a baby. By the time they reach their early 40s their hormones just in even more flux, and by their mid to late 40s they start the perimenopause stage, and hormones can go at an even extreme imbalance.

There are many practices women can do to balance their hormones. Yoga, Breathwork, Meditation can help calm the hormones. Homeopathy can help assist the body to heal itself. Herbs can be a natural substitute for medicine. Many women chose to get hormone replacement therapy, however, there are risks involved with this. Bioidentical Hormones and other Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy is good, but very expensive.

Tantric Breathing, Orgasmic Breathwork, Kundalini Activation, working with the Kegels, Kundalini Yoga are even better. My favorite for immediately balancing the chemicals of the brain is Tantric Orgasmic Breathing, where you use your muscles, contract them, hold them, while breathing in, tilting your pelvis up, and exhaling your pelvis back to neutral. Other emotions, feelings, challenges, or blocks may arise during this process, but if you can keep it going, it will balance those difficult hormonal chemicals we all carry, most particularly women.

I highly recommend this practice for your own healing, removing blocks to your emotions, and especially for balancing the chemicals of the mind and body for women.

If you are interested in a Tantra Breathwork Session, or other Healing Session, text me, send me an email, or find me on Instagram @asttartedeva.

Much Love, Asttarte

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