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Grief, Loss & Tantra

When it comes to grieving, this is a huge emotional energy that is either trapped in the body, or is working through the energetic layers of letting go and moving out of the body. Grief can sometimes be trapped in the body for months or many years, or even an entire lifetime. Any type of loss is a loss. It doesn't matter how significant it is. And a loss can be a huge change in ones lifestyle, the ending or beginning of something, or the loss of a significant or even less significant relationship. Most of the time it is a significant relationship that has the most impact, and a significant shift in ones lifestyle circumstances. In order to create newly, we must completely let go of what was in the past, and build from the ground up, as they say, and create something with fresh eyes. This can be a major business or even a move, or it can be from the death of a relationship, or creating a relationship newly after taking some time apart.

Why does Tantra have anything to do with any of these things, and most important how is it related to death?

Tantra is a spiritual practice of connecting to ones deeper self. It is a practice of cleansing and clearing ones energy bodies, and energy centers throughout the body. It is also a practice to remove blocked and trapped energy inside the body. Now, there are many modalities that can support the removal of such energies within the body, but when combining these energy practices alongside working with tantra, such as the breath, and gaining access to energies trapped inside the body, often times, we can also tap into some deeper emotional layer that triggers a grieving process to help the individual let go of some form of pain or loss. Tantra in this way is a spiritual practice we call White Tantra for deeper psychological and emotional healing. America is the only Country that has confused the word Tantra with the word sex. Other Countries around the globe understand that Tantra is actually a profound practice for deeper emotional, energetic and spiritual healing and can be used to assist the Beloved, or someone that the individual can trust, to work through such processes.

Tantra can trigger grief, and grief can help assist the blocked energy to flow and become open where it was once closed. The tantric breathing practices can help contract in ones root or second chakra and awaken dormant trapped energies of trauma or emotional imbalances, so one can begin to release these trapped energies at their core. This is where Grief, Loss and Tantra can become a synchronistic balance of love, harmony and healing, and be the catalyst to help the planet let go of its old pain, and begin to bridge this planet together as a place for healing, love and unity.


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