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Emotional Healing

Emotional Healing

How many people hear about going to Counseling, or a Psychologist but don’t get anywhere with it? Almost every single person on the planet has something they need to resolve within. Emotional Healing is like peeling, healing and peeling the onion. Is it you that you are healing now? Is it your past lives you are healing? Is it your childhood? Is it your relationship with your parents? Is it your higher power you are trying to reach?

All Emotional Healing is attached to resolving things with your parents. There is no separation. I heard a song on the radio today, bringing the message that “🎼 I had to let you go to love me 🎼”, is completely reflective of letting go of the unhealthy patterns and thoughts with one or both or more of your parents. “🎼 I had to hate you to find me,🎼” was another line. Isn’t that what all people first do when they are trying to find themself after moving from their childhood home? The song was a woman singing about her man, but underneath our love relationships is the pain we feel from our childhood memories, perhaps sadness, some feelings of abandonment or rejection, a painful memory, or many of them.

There are very few lucky souls who truly had completely loving parents, with unconditional love, complete support 100% of the time, and felt as though they were being raised by angels. Even those completely giving and loving parents aren’t perfect and some can be seen as over protective or controlling if the child wants more space, or dismissive and neglectful if the child needs more attention. It’s the viewpoint and opinions the child decides that makes and creates the development of his or her personality, and the view of their childhood experience being either loving or abusive. A child can have those two extremes of opinions because their mind and heart are so sensitive and they take things to heart bigger and greater than at any other time in their life. They often have a sort of all or nothing, black and white thinking when it comes to their needs. If their needs were met during development, they can grow out of the black and white thinking, but if not, they can spend years later working on healing that part of themselves.

We can be upset with our current partner, and make them the target. However, don’t you think your triggers come from before meeting them? A pattern you developed when you were young, the way your brain responded, reacted, and spiraled through a thought pattern, and came to completion before it can calm down. Sometimes coming to a place of calm can take time if the trigger is repetitive, or from a deep wound. There is a combination of neurological imbalance, as well as emotional when triggers happen, and emotions get stirred. The mind/brain, body/heart and feelings/emotions all work together, in harmony and disharmony. We are like a walking physical spiritual body of a billion cells in one large form, and one part of our body needs every other part to work in unison.The Yin/Yang symbol describes this in the Chinese system. And the medical health symbol of the spine is reflective of this as well.

What do you do to support your Emotional Healing? Or restore Emotional Balance when your body and mind feel off, triggers are flaring off and your stress energy is higher than normal? Do you rest? Do you meditate? Take a bath? Go for a walk? Talk to a friend or an expert?

When Emotional Healing is needed, this is the time to restore balance, restore harmony and find out what threw your system out of wack, or the source of your triggers. Sometimes we don’t know the source of the imbalance or trigger. Sometimes it’s just a matter of getting more rest, but sometimes we need to dig deeper, and work on unraveling the patterns, thought forms and beliefs that are creating your mind and life situation to show up in a way that either isn’t working for you, or you want to be better.

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