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Bufo, Tantra & Breathwork

Bufo, Tantra and Breathwork are three distinct and separate modalities, but when worked together they can assist with supporting the individual to process a core transformation and depth of love for the self. I'd like to say that Tantra is my most core practice, and foundation of all of this work. However, without Breathwork, there is no tantra. Breathwork and Tantra go hand in hand, however, some people can practice Breathwork, and not have any experience with Tantra. And some people may practice Tantra, and solely work with Tantra meditations and not need Breathwork, however, Tantra is not truly Tantra without working with the Breath.

So, how does Bufo fit in all of this? That's a really good question. Bufo (and some say B-UFO) is like a medicine from another planet. However, in a way it is like a reminder of your soul contract and why you came to this planet. It may trigger questions like, why am I here? Why did I come to this Earth? What is my purpose? What is my mission to complete here? my dharma? or what is it I need to learn? What do I need to let go of? Who do I need to forgive? Who do I need to accept? What is incomplete for me? What do I need to accept about myself? Why am I so angry? Why am I so sad? These are all questions the Bufo often will trigger to the surface. So, how does Tantra have anything to do with this? Well, actually, you don't need to practice Tantra to partake in an experience with Bufo. However, because of all of the intense questions, feelings and thoughts, and activations of the mind that Bufo brings up, Tantra is one of the most profound practices I have found to help assist in this. It helps in supporting the person who went through their Bufo initiation, I like to call it, to release the uncomfortable sensations or armoring, and resistances to feelings', to be more present in their heart and energy body.

Tantra in this way is a Somatic Emotional Release and Movement Practice. Somatic Trauma Therapy can be incredibly crucial for this, as well as Somatic Stress Release Therapy (which I am getting certified in), however, Tantra is a Somatic practice in and of itself. Somatic means movement, and Tantra as a practice alone creates movement in the energy, physical and emotions in the body. Tantra is a spiritual practice for releasing stagnant and stuck energy, and a practice of self love working with the breath, dance and movement, and accessing feelings and emotions that were trapped or repressed. And because Bufo triggers core mental imbalances and trauma memories, and stagnant and trapped emotions to the surface, tantra is an amazing practice to help work with to assist in the energies that the Bufo medicine activated to life. Bufo in a way, is the match that took light to the darkness, and Tantra is the windmill that moved things closer to rising out of the body. Breathwork then, helps to take that windmill and push things up and out of the body so they can be released and dropped in the ocean, or pond, creak, river or just going down the drain of your tub. However, you picture it, the three work together in harmony for healing. Bufo as the Fire, Tantra as the Air, and Breathwork as the Water. This is how I see it.

When you work with these three modalities by themself, there is only so much healing that can occur. Bufo by itself, could create all sorts of chaos in ones life. Tantra by itself could create an extreme of sexual energy that goes out of balance. Breathwork by itself could become boring and perhaps relaxing where one may just go to sleep with your practice. (I'm an advocate of Breathwork however, and there are many styles but I'm speaking metaphorically here). Some people after Bufo may realize they need to be on medication, or may begin to, but if they practice Breathwork and Tantra as a form of Emotional Release practices, it may not be necessary, and healing at ones core is totally possible.

Without Tantra and Breathwork, Bufo can be much harder to heal from by itself. However, one can go to an acupuncturist and gain incredible results after Bufo. One can also practice Kundalini Yoga or Kundalini Meditation and this will assist in a similar way that Tantra would. I highly recommend seeking a Therapist after Bufo, if that is something you feel is necessary. One may also need to seek a psychiatrist. If you have a lifestyle where you cannot take time off to process for very long, this may be necessary. However, one can practice Yoga and gain extreme benefit from it. I also recommend highly to work with a Shaman or Facilitator to offer other medicines such as Ayahuasca, Psilocybin and other medicines to help release trauma or emotions on a deeper layer of the psyche. These will help assist with whatever the Bufo medicine brought alive. Sometimes Bufo triggers anxiety or a dormant generalized anxiety disorder, so these other medicines assist to release where the anxiety is actually coming from. So, they really all work well together. I feel that all of these communities and spiritual practices somehow came to our culture at this time to raise the consciousness of our planet, and many people are jumping on the ride. Those of us who grow, and work at our core, will stay here on this journey of life. And so many people that continue to live and stay on our planet, will become Healers, and our entire planet will be a place of healing and love. I may not be here long enough to witness it, but I am grateful I've been here from the start!

All my Love,




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