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Being Straight and Honest

(Reposting from Facebook)

Being Straight and Honest and out there

It’s been years now since I’ve written publicly honestly what’s going on.

My beloved has an opposite need to mine and needs to be secret, quiet and private about things. (It's in his Astrology chart).

Sharing with everyone is how I express my truth, creates my freedom, self expression, passion and joy for life. (Its my Astrology chart). Writing, the written word, making videos, voice recordings, podcasts, teaching, you name it.

It’s not my job to protect anyone anymore. If someone has to hide just because that’s a part of their personality, that’s their path, but it’s not mine. If he wants to hide, that’s his choice. But I’m not a secretive person. All that does is create me to be a secret, suppressed, repressed, shallow.

That doesn’t serve me.

I’ve been reorganizing the entire house.

Getting new organizer units. Sorting through old stuff, old notebooks, spiritual products and redecorating.

I did a healing meditation a couple days ago and realized there are thousands of beings that are waiting to reconnect with me, witnessing my journey and wondering what I’m going to do next.

After five years of basically intense soul grief work, the tears finally stopped coming.

Now what? What’s next?

Well one can choose Samadhi, Nirvana, Enlightenment and Meditate for the rest of their life in silence, or share what they learned!!! and give what they received to others. As they say, give it away, don’t hold onto it. 💐💐💐

Being vulnerable is what sets you free. Holding tight to things keeps them trapped and hides you from the very thing that makes you happy, freedom!

Bliss doesn’t come from locking yourself down, but from letting go, being yourself and the energy flows.

I’ve locked myself down for too long to make someone else happy, being quiet. I did my job. I helped navigate him to his own freedom and transformation. Now it’s my turn to have my freedom again. And, yes, of course, if he has stuff that comes up from my writing or sharing, then we'll have another Imago Session to do and share with you all what we got out of it, or another Relationship Coaching exercise to practice, that I can then share with you the breakthroughs we had. He didn't know that walking into my life, was also walking into the spotlight, and where the light had to be shown where darkness was. It's the Lightworkers way, the Healers path.

Something as simple as being yourself can bring you your own joy or suffering.

I choose joy! I choose you! I choose me. I chose freedom!

What will bring you your freedom today? Your joy? And choosing yourself?

This is the beginning of many more articles to come. I just wanted to let you know, I'm available for you. However, the best way to reach me, is email and WhatsApp.

Love you always,


(Photo taken right before my 10th Bufo Session or so. We were right inside the old apartment of Janis Joplin. SO much beauty and art!!! 😀)

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